New Google Photos: how the app changes

Google Photos gets a major update from Google and completely changes its face. New sections and new features

After five years, it's time to change and go big. For this reason Google has announced the new version of Google Photos, the app present by default on every Android smartphone for the management of videos and images on the memory. Google Photos has become an app that users can't do without: it lets you delete bad photos, or categorize the many multimedia contents you download from messaging apps.

The new Google Photos app changes approach: it's not just the app of choice for photos taken every day, but it's above all the ideal application for managing memories. For a few months now there's been a Memories section that shows all the images taken on the same day many years ago. Now this section is being enhanced to give users the opportunity to relive the past and the beautiful moments experienced with their family, friends and relatives. The update with all the new features of Google Photos will start to be released from next week.

Google Photos, how the user interface changes

A real makeover the one undergone by Google Photos. The application's user interface will change face with the new update. In the home screen there will be three different sections: Photos, Search and Library.

The Photos section will collect all the images and videos on the smartphone's memory. To be clear, this is the same screen you see now when you open the app. Google has changed the layout slightly: content previews are larger, videos start autoplaying, and there's less white space between photos.

The Search section, on the other hand, makes it easy to find the people and places where images were taken. Google Photos will also integrate an interactive map to see in which city a particular photo was taken. For this tool to work, it is necessary that geolocation is active while taking the photo.

The Library tab, on the other hand, will be a sort of binder: within it we'll find the Albums, favorite images, the Archive and the Recycle Bin. There will also be a service that allows you to print images taken with your smartphone.

Google Photos, Memories at the heart of the app

Remembers is a feature of Google Photos that was introduced last fall and was an immediate success. With Memories, you can find out which images were taken on the same day in different years. Now the tool is being enhanced with new features designed to make users relive all their happiest moments.

Google Photos, also a new logo

To complete the job, Google also unveiled the new Google Photos logo. Compared to the previous one, it is more stylized and more in line with the modern style.

When the new Google Photos arrives

The release of the Google Photos update will begin in early July. A few days and everyone will have the new version of the app.