New Google Visor: from the patent come more details

The document reveals important news, from the built-in headset up to the new controls, for an experience that promises to be even more complete

Not even time to get attached to the Daydream Google visor that the mystery around the new device for virtual reality is becoming more and more interesting. In fact, thanks to the documents of a patent, have emerged news about the prototype that Google has in store for all fans of VR.

A visor Google even more sophisticated. The approach of Google with virtual reality is a process in steps. That the company, however, is going through with speed. In 2014, they launched Cardboards, which were very simple in their function. Then, recently, the visor Daydream. Beautiful to look at but still very basic in function. Here then is the project to make Google take a further step forward in virtual reality. Dal brevetto emerge che il nuovo visore avrà delle cuffie incorporate. Saranno migliorati i controlli e migliorate le lenti per evitare problemi con l’illuminazione. E soprattutto diminuito l’effetto cinetosi. Ovvero il senso di nausea nell’uso della VR.

Un’esperienza audiovisiva

patently.jpgFonte foto: Patently

Il nuovo visore VR di Google

Lo scopo di Google con il nuovo visore è quello di immergere in maniera ancora più credibile l’utente nella realtà virtuale. Le cuffie sono pensate proprio per rendere completa l’esperienza, sia visiva che uditiva. Così come gli sviluppi tecnologici che cercheranno di diminuire lo straniamento nel passaggio tra mondo reale e VR. Dal brevetto inoltre si intuisce che il nuovo visore interagirà con il mondo esterno, adattando le immagini mostrate in base ai confini entro i quali si trova l’utente. And allowing the latter to "jump" at any time between the real world and VR in case of need. With fading or transparent images. This will be possible thanks to cameras present externally. When will the new Google visor be ready? The application for this patent was filed in April 2015, the major details are only discovered now and therefore it is difficult to even speculate a date for its market launch.