New Huawei smartwatches: features and prices in Italy

Huawei has made official two new smartwatches and they both arrive in Italy: they are very complete and there is the new operating system HarmonyOS 2.1

Huawei has made official two new smartwatches, Watch GT3 and Watch Fit mini. Of both, in addition to the technical features and the possibilities offered on the tracking of physical activities, the autonomy that can reach 14 days of continuous use not too intense, which allows you to face the days with greater peace of mind, is striking.

The design of Huawei Watch GT3 is inspired by the integration of natural beauty and cutting-edge technology. The minimalist bezel and large screen give the Huawei Watch GT3 a look that the company calls futuristic. Without a strap, the 46mm version weighs just 42.6g with an overall thickness of 11mm while the 42mm version weighs 35g with an overall thickness of 10.2mm. Huawei Watch Fit mini has a square case in light gold combined with the classic strap in three colors, Frosty White and Mocha Brown in leather, and Taro Purple in fluoroelastomer. There is a wide choice of watch faces for both, with the Watch GT3 also having an Always on display.

Huawei Watch GT3

Huawei Watch GT3 features an all-new TruSeenTM 5.0+ heart rate monitoring technology that Huawei says is vastly improved over the past by integrating eight photodiodes in a circular layout. Dual-Band GPS provides more accurate geographic location during workouts: over 100 modes, including 18 professional-level, 12 outdoor workouts such as running, walking, mountaineering, hiking, cycling, swimming, etc., and 6 indoor.

Huawei Watch GT3 also offers continuous monitoring of heart rate, SpO2, sleep, stress and menstrual cycle for comprehensive health management. As if it were a health and fitness assistant, Huawei Watch GT 3 supports personalized features including AI Running Coach and Healthy Living Clover that help users stay healthy and active. What's more, Huawei's new smartwatch is one of the first to arrive with the new HarmonyOS 2.1 operating system.

At an absolute premium is the battery life: the 46mm version provides up to 14 days on a single charge and under typical usage conditions, while the 42mm version gets up to 7 days of battery life in the same usage scenario.

Huawei Watch Fit mini

Huawei Watch Fit mini has a 1.47-inch AMOLED display and puts wellness at the center of the experience. It has 96 comprehensive workout modes many of which are automatically recognized. In addition to the 11 professional workout modes including indoor and outdoor running, cycling, jump rope, elliptical, rowing machine, etc., there are also 85 workout modes including fitness, ball games, dance, leisure training and extreme sports.

On the Huawei Health app, you can set different heart rate goals such as fat loss and endurance improvement based on your workout goals. In addition, when your heart rate exceeds a preset "guard" level, the smartwatch automatically sends a notification. It also supports menstrual cycle reminders, providing users with daily assistance.

Under typical use, it has a battery life of 14 days, 10 days under heavy use, but if needed, thanks to quick charging, in five minutes you get enough power for two days of typical use.

Availability and Pricing

Huawei Watch GT3 is available for pre-order now only on the Huawei Store. Prices vary depending on the version: the 46 mm version starts from 249 euros required for the Active up to 299 euros required for the Elite, while the 42 mm version starts from 229 euros required for the Active up to 279 euros required for the Elite; those who pre-order on Huawei Store, along with the FreeBuds 4i headphones and the strap as a gift, also get 30 euros off the purchase of the new Huawei Nova 9. Availability on all sales channels set for November 9.

Huawei Watch Fit mini is available for pre-order now only on the Huawei Store at a price of 99 euros. It comes with a free Huawei Body Fat Scale 3 smart scale.