New Iliad offer, 40 GB, unlimited minutes and SMS at 6.99 euros

After conquering more than a million users with the launch tariff, Iliad launches a new offer with a monthly plan with 40 GB data threshold and calls

Iliad does not leave indeed doubles. After landing in our country, the French mobile phone company bets on a new low-cost rate with a data threshold of 40 GB.

The new Iliad monthly plan is very similar to the one already presented by the French company (30GB of data traffic, unlimited calls and SMS for 5.99 euros per month), but with a substantial change: the new offer adds another 10 gigabytes of data traffic for only one euro more. For the transalpine company this is the second move to conquer the largest possible number of users in Italy: with the launch of the first rate Iliad, as mentioned, has reached and exceeded one million SIM cards activated, now aims to conquer another 500 thousand users. With the new rate, users will be able to buy a SIM or make a portability from their number, but also change the rate if they are already Iliad customers.

The new Iliad offer

As mentioned, the new Iliad offer is in fact identical to the previous one, the debut one, with the exception of the addition of 10 more gigs of Internet. The price also changes slightly: the cost of the new Iliad offer is 6.99 euros for each renewal. As for, however, the European roaming, you will have 3 gigabytes of data to exploit abroad (and will not affect the Italian data threshold). For the rest, everything is the same: as for the first offer also in this case Iliad has decided to completely eliminate the extra costs (voicemail, call me back and the deactivation of paid services will be free) without having to pay anything. As mentioned, the new offer Iliad can be activated by a maximum of 500 thousand users.

How to activate the new offer Iliad

The new offer Iliad can be activated by making a change of tariff plan if we are already Iliad customers (directly from the website) or by activating a new SIM (as already mentioned you can also do the portability of the old number). SIMs can be requested directly on the Iliad website, in physical stores of the French company or through SIMboxes, the small vending machines that are found in many Italian cities. At a cost of 6.99 euros for the first month we will have to add the 9.99 euros that represent the cost of activation of the SIM.