New LG Tone Free FP5 and FP9: the all-comfort headsets with ANC

With two new LG Tone Free FP5 and FP9 true wireless headsets, LG enriches its offerings dedicated to those who talk on the phone a lot or who practice sports regularly

LG expands the Tone Free range of true wireless headsets (TWS) with the introduction of two new models, namely Tone Free FP5 and Tone Free FP9. There are two key elements that LG's people have focused on: comfort and fit, to meet the needs of customers who are busy on the phone or in an active lifestyle.

To this end, a collaboration was established with a laboratory specializing in ergonomic design that, after analyzing the earcups of hundreds of subjects, has resulted in a characteristic shape: the "concave design". Thanks to this shape, LG believes it has achieved the ideal fit for those with active lifestyles: the new Tone Free earbuds stay firmly in the ears even during exercise or prolonged talking without tiring with excessive pressure. They're both IPX4-certified for resistance to water splashes, rain and sweat.

LG Tone Free FP5 and FP9: how they are

The most interesting feature of the two new models of LG headphones is the active noise cancellation (ANC): both the LG Tone Free FP9 and the cheaper Tone Free FP5 have the same number of microphones on each earpiece (three) and also the same algorithm for managing the feature, which in other words means that despite an appreciable difference on the list price the two models offer identical ANC, without quality differences.

LG's Tone Free FP5 and FP9 have 8mm drivers and Flex Action Bass technology, which takes advantage of larger-than-ever drivers and a diaphragm with a thicker silicone edge for greater diaphragm flexibility, so LG's new Tone Free FP5 and FP9 manage to deliver more powerful bass without sacrificing anything in terms of clarity. On the audio front, LG has also included Meridian's Headphone Spatial Processing, a technology that gives the listener the sensation of being "enveloped" by sound, which seems to come from all directions, while 3D Sound Stage takes care of placing sound waves in space to deliver more realistic audio.

The most expensive model, LG Tone Free FP9, boasts UVnano sanitizing technology already present on other products of the company and therefore well known. It helps reduce the chance of contracting infections in the inner ear thanks to the UV-C LED included in the charging case, which reduces bacteria on the speaker mesh in just five minutes during wired charging.

In addition, for even more thorough hygiene, the LG Tone Free FP5 and FP9 feature hypoallergenic medical-grade silicone eartips to reduce the risk of skin irritation in the ear canal from prolonged use of the earbuds. In terms of battery life, counting also the power reserve provided by the charging case, LG guarantees up to 24 hours of playback on FP9 and up to 22 hours of playback on FP5, in both cases with ANC off. With five minutes of fast charging you get an hour of listening, while FP5 have wireless charging as well.

LG Tone Free FP5 and FP9: how much they cost

Two colors expected at launch, Charcoal Black and Pearl White. They are now available for purchase: LG Tone Free FP5 for 199 euros, LG Tone Free FP9 for 129 euros.