New OPPO charger fills up the battery in 20 minutes

Remote wireless charging or wired and super fast? With OPPO's new chargers, you're spoilt for choice.

During Mobile World Congress 2021 in Shanghai OPPO showed off its two charging ideas of the future: super fast wired charging and wireless remote charging, with no contact between smartphone and charger. The former is achieved with a charger with as much as 125 watts of power, the latter with AirVOOC technology.

Both technologies are supported by the latest OPPO X 2021, which once again proves to be more than just a rollable smartphone concept. With high-power wired charging, OPPO aims to significantly cut down on charging times, which could reduce charging anxiety by replacing the presence of a very large battery with the ability to charge it faster. For this to be possible, moreover, OPPO has decided to license the technology to several external partners so that there are more high-powered chargers on the market to choose from. The second charging idea, wireless remote charging, goes in the same direction: you don't need a huge battery if you can charge it without a cable while using your smartphone, simply by bringing your device close to the charger.

What the 125 Watt OPPO charger can do

To understand, in practice, what we're talking about just think that the 125W wired OPPO charger allows you to charge 100% in just 20 minutes a 4.000 mAh e che la maggior parte degli smartphone top di gamma 2021 ha proprio una batteria dalla capacità compresa tra 4.000 e 5.000 mAh.

La stessa batteria, in alternativa, si può ricaricare anche con il nuovo caricatore AirVOOC da 65 Watt in circa 30 minuti.

Caricare la batteria a distanza

La nuova tecnologia di ricarica wireless di OPPO, inoltre, permette di fare altro: caricare lo smartphone senza tenerlo appoggiato al caricatore. In questo caso la potenza ricevuta dal dispositivo scende a 7,5 Watt, non molto ma neanche poco se si considera che la distanza massima tra smartphone e caricatore è di 10 centimetri.

La ricarica wireless e “contactless" sembra quindi una tendenza che si svilupperà nei prossimi mesi, perché OPPO non è l’unica a crederci. A few days ago, Xiaomi presented its version of this technology, with an even more innovative concept (but far from industrial production): the Xiaomi Mi Air Charge, the parallelepiped-shaped "room charger" that can charge devices in the vicinity at a distance of meters.

Motorola, on the other hand, responded with a middle ground between the two technologies: a charger capable of sending energy to the smartphone up to 100 centimeters away.