New PlayStation Store: what changes

In a few days Sony will change the interface of its PlayStation Store and this will not make many players happy

It's time for changes to PlayStation Store: the dates to mark on the calendar are October 21-26 for the web version and October 28 for the mobile app. Sony announced the changes in an email sent to all PlayStation Network subscribers, anticipating some of the upcoming news.

So there's been a slight shift in dates, according to information released by the Japanese giant itself. The new store should have officially debuted in its updated version on October 19, another important date for Sony that, just that day, will launch PlayStation 5 on the European market. The news, however, has raised many concerns among players, especially among owners of older consoles. In fact, with the arrival of the new store, it will no longer be possible for them to purchase titles and add-ons through the web store and the mobile application.

PlayStation Store: which consoles are affected by the change

As already anticipated, to be involved in the change wanted by Sony will be the older console models: PlayStation 3, PlayStation Portable (PSP) and PlayStation Vita. Don't worry, though: games, themes and avatars will still be on sale, the only difference being that you'll need to remember to access the dedicated store and no longer via browser or mobile app.

The same goes for PlayStation 4 owners. To shop for apps, themes and avatars dedicated to their game console, they'll have to rely on their own store. Doubts remain for the PSP, however, as the store has not been accessible from the console since March 2016. It could therefore prove to be a blow for those who, in the absence of changes, could find themselves without playable titles from one day to the next.

Another change is the elimination of the Wishlist, which will no longer appear in the upcoming version of the store. All titles saved in the Wishlist will be deleted, so it's best to take notes to avoid nasty surprises the first time you log in after the fateful date.

PlayStation Store: what happens to titles already purchased

While purchasing titles will only be available from the store specific to your model, for content you already own, however, the procedure does not change. Sony has specified that all titles and add-ons you've already purchased, whether for PlayStation 3, PSP or PS Vita, will remain available to download.

The same goes for PlayStation 4 apps, themes and avatars, ready to be used directly from your console's memory.