News Fortnite season 5: what to expect

Epic Games has updated to the fifth season its video game Fortnite, now we will be able to use vehicles and play in new desert and Wild West scenarios

Fortnite is without a shadow of a doubt the video game of 2018. In a short time, the game all against all in its Battle Royale version has conquered many fans around the world, including VIPs. And now Epic Games, developer of the title, is releasing season number 5 of Fortnite.

There are many aspects that will change with this new season for one of the most played video games at the moment on consoles and PC. Above all, the Far-West touch that will characterize all Fortnite maps in this fifth season. But the biggest news of all are the vehicles on which to move between maps. The first vehicle that we will find on Fortnite 5.0 will be the ATK,  All Terrain Kart,  the classic quadricycle that is often seen in movies and cartoons in the United States. For Epic Games this is a surprise move: at the beginning of 2018, in fact, the developers had rejected the request of gamers to include vehicles for movement within the game. The update will weigh 6.67 GB.

All the news about Fortnite 5

The main news that comes with the vehicles is that the Karts that we will find on Fortnite 5 can accommodate more than one character. This means that one vehicle will be able to carry an entire team. In addition, the roof of the ATK is a springy mat and can be used to make higher jumps. If we do a drift while driving the kart we will receive an extra boost to the speed of our vehicle. Even those who do not drive can give a hand to the pilot in the ATK, if the whole team presses S or pulls back the analog stick of the joypad the vehicle will make a jump or a sprint more important than normal. As for the movements have been inserted in Battle Royale also  the Rift: a sort of dimensional portals that move us from one point to another.

As in every update on Fortnite 5 will find many new maps and new elements that characterize them, such as  Viking ships,  desert camps or ancient statues. And just the desert is one of the great novelty landscape of this update Fortnite. In addition to sand dunes and scenarios from the Grand Canyon we will also find oases and palm groves where to seek refuge when the storm arrives.

Changes in Fortnite 5 also the Save the World mode. For example, there will be a Save the World challenge in which we will have to recruit a team to save the world from the invasion of a horde of Abiets. To help us there will also be special characters: the Heroes of the Wild West. That we'll be able to use with special weapons and riding a horse. Among the new weapons available, the most particular are surely those muzzle-loaders that really make the Wild West. Watch out in the maps for the arrival of the storm because this compared to the past will not only shrink with time but may change direction suddenly.