News on WhatsApp: there’s one more feature

A new editor for stickers pops up out of nowhere on WhatsApp Web: it's easy to use and even quite powerful, though it still has some limitations

Without an official announcement and without even a hint of fuss, WhatsApp introduces a new feature that will please lovers of stickers, memes and "Good morning, coffee!!!": now we can create them ourselves, with a real mini editor integrated into WhatsApp. Or, to be more precise: in WhatsApp Web, the browser version of the messaging platform.

The new feature, in fact, is not available on Android and iOS apps, nor on WhatsApp Desktop apps (not even on the latest UWP app), but only on WhatsApp Web. Incidentally, it would seem that the first to receive it were the users who joined the WhatsApp Web multi-device beta. Perhaps Meta has made this choice just to entice users to use WhastApp Web multi device, or maybe it's just a matter of time and the sticker editor will also arrive on mobile apps. The fact is that the editor is there, it works well and is also very easy to use. And that means that soon we'll be literally flooded with stickers in our chats, with thousands of "Good morning, coffee!!!" that we've never seen before.

How to create stickers with WhatsApp Web

To create a sticker from scratch with WhatsApp Web just open any chat, even a group chat, and then click on the icon of emoji and stickers. The option "Create" will appear, with a nice "+" in plain sight, and is the one on which we must click to start creating the sticker. The file manager will open, from which we can choose the starting image for the sticker, which will be the background.

After loading the background image we can crop it, add text, emoji and even other stickers. Of course, there are also commands to rotate every single object inserted in the sticker editor, as well as the possibility to change font and color of the inserted text. In short, the only limit is our creativity.

When we are satisfied with our creation, all we have to do is press the send button and the sticker will be shared with the chat members. Alternatively, we can click "Done" to save the sticker, without sending it right away. All sent or saved stickers become immediately available in the appropriate section.

New sticker editor: what's missing

The new WhatsApp sticker editor is not, however, perfect and still has several limitations. The stickers you create, for example, are not synchronized with WhatsApp for smartphones and, as a result, you won't find them among the stickers available on your phone even if you created them on WhatsApp Web.

You can't even delete a sticker from the list of those available after you created it. So you have to be quite careful about how you use this new feature if we open WhatsApp Web for work in the office. The stickers created and sent in a chat, in fact, remain available (only for us, as already explained) even in other chats.

It is clear, therefore, that this is a first draft of a feature that still needs to be refined a lot. But it is already available for almost everyone and, if well used (and not abused), it is very funny.