Nikon D5600, the DSLR camera that connects with your smartphone

The new Nikon D5600 DX-format DSLR is perfect for those who want to explore the endless creative opportunities that photography offers

The new DSLR extends the range of cameras equipped with SnapBridge to instantly share their memories: from shadow play in the sun to movies taken from unusual perspectives. The only limit, as always, is your imagination.

The Nikon D5600, thanks to Nikon SnapBridge, allows users to automatically sync the camera with their smart device and instantly share SLR-quality images wherever they are via Bluetooth connection. SnapBridge also uses Bluetooth low energy technology to maintain a constant, energy-saving connection between the D5600 and a smartphone or tablet. Finally, SnapBridge allows you to use your connected device to easily transfer footage and shoot remotely thanks to the camera's built-in Wi-Fi module.

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