Nimb, the smart panic ring that will save us from any emergency. Photo

It looks like a simple design ring actually hides a small button that can be pressed to alert friends, family and help in case of danger

Imagine the scenario: extreme danger situation, you want to alert your loved ones and the police but there is not enough time to take your smartphone and send a message or make a call. How to do it? Nimb could be the answer to this situation. It is a smart panic ring.

How does Nimb work? As we mentioned it is a panic ring. Its operation is really super simple. The wearable has a button at the bottom that allows you to send an emergency signal, via Bluetooth, to a preset list of contacts. Friends, relatives, first aid services or police. Adjusting your list is very easy, just use the app created specifically for the ring and available for smartphones and tablets.  It is really difficult to press the button by mistake since to send the emergency call the button must be held down for at least three seconds (to see how it works, just scroll through the pictures in the photogallery).

Nimb, the life-saving ring

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The panic button is put in such a position that if we put our hand somewhere it will not activate itself. How do we know the emergency call has gone off? When the help signal has been sent the ring vibrates gently and this confirms that our smartphone app has forwarded the request. Once the message has been sent, the recipient will see your general data and, via GPS, also your current location. What happens if we realize that it was a false alarm? In case you have sent the request for help, but the situation after the initial panic is resolved, no problem: through the application you have 30 seconds to cancel the emergency request.

Smarter than criminals

It may happen that an attacker is aware of the function of the ring and forces us to cancel the operation. No problem because Nimb allows, through a special code, to send a fake message to cancel the request that actually informs our contact list that we have also been blackmailed and we are in further danger. The Nimb services, however, do not end there. The developers are creating a social network to form emergency response teams for public safety. "We want to revolutionize," says Leo Bereschansky, CEO of Nimb, "the safety of people just as Uber revolutionized the world of transportation. Compared to friends and family who can be included for free, these first aid teams will have a subscription fee to be paid monthly. But they will guarantee a response at any time of day, three hundred and sixty-five days a year.

Battery, design and price

A ring is a very special object and the design is the most important aspect. So don't imagine Nimb as a futuristic device, when you see it, it looks like a simple elegant and delicate ring. The battery can last, depending on use, from two weeks to a month. You can pre-order it at the price of 129 dollars (just over 120 euros). Once on the market, however, Nimb will cost $149 (just over 140 euros).

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