Nintendo 2DS XL, the new Japanese handheld console

Nintendo surprisingly unveiled its new handheld console designed for young children, launching on July 28 in the United States

Surprisingly Nintendo announced its new handheld console, Nintendo 2DS XL. An unexpected release for the Japanese company. In the last period, in fact, most of the attention had been placed on the hybrid console Switch. Nintendo, however, has confirmed its tradition.

This is a welcome surprise for fans. The risk of seeing less novelty in the DS model was high, especially after the release of the Switch. Instead Nintendo has made users happy with a model that, as you can guess from the name, is larger and has an improved screen. Not only in size but also in resolution. The console has a clamshell design and features the Amiibo feature. Amiibo are interactive figurines and cards that allow access to extra content or other features. The effects vary depending on the video game.

The change of course

Till now, the 2DS series has focused heavily on titles for kids and teens but with this new console, it seems that Nintendo's interest is to combine that with the playability of the Nintendo 3DS XL. This means that the system will have the same processing power and the same screen, a very important factor for example in sports games. In addition, the new Nintendo 2DS XL does not lack support for NFC technology. As the name suggests, the main difference between the new 2DS XL and the 3DS XL is the fact that the games will only be displayed in 2D. It may seem like a nonsense but the choice is thought out, 3D technology in fact can cause vision problems for children and given the target Nintendo preferred not to include it.


For now, the device will be available only in the United StatesĀ in black and turquoise colors. Although apparently the console will be released soon in many other countries as well and will also have two additional colors, namely orange and white. In addition, the colors are not a problem because as per tradition with the passage of time Nintendo will constantly release new versions with bright colors and eccentric. The launch is scheduled in the United States for July 28, the market entry price is $149.99. On Nintendo's YouTube page you can also watch the video presentation of the console.

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