Nintendo PlayStation: the prototype for sale online at record figures

Nintendo - PlayStation is a hybrid console born from the collaboration between Sony and Ninendo in 1992. The prototype is for sale online

Prototypes always generate a lot of interest. Heritage Auctions, an online auction house, knows it well and has recently put up for sale a unique piece of its kind: the Nintendo PlayStation. This is the only surviving example of this prototype, made in 1992, following a partnership between the two Japanese companies, which, however, in the end did not materialize.

The prototype has quickly captured the attention of thousands of people, including some collectors who are challenging each other to raise money. The Nintendo PlayStation has already reached the figure of over $350,000 (February 14) and the end of the auction is more than two weeks away (March 5). Who will win the console? There are many who covet the prototype of the Nintendo PlayStation, among all stands out the founder of Oculus VR. Palmer Luckey does not hide his attentions and through a series of tweets has declared that he wants the Nintendo PlayStation at all costs. As stated by the American entrepreneur, if he could win this hybrid console, the Nintendo PlayStation would enrich his personal collection of gadgets dedicated to video games that, according to his statements, is the largest and most complete in the world.

Nintendo PlayStation: a console born in 1992

The partnership between Sony and Nintendo was born following the idea of creating a new console that could use both CDs and classic cartridges to load electronic games. A total of 200 Nintendo-PlayStations were produced, but they were all destroyed except one, the one that is now for sale online. The console is fully functional and there are also cartridges of Mortal Kombat and Super Famicon.

The collaboration between the two giants, however, lasted little and the project was canceled and put in a drawer for good. The collaboration between the two platforms NES-CD should have started in 1991, but it ended, we don't know why, with nothing. Just from this project, later, Sony decided to take the new road imagined during this unprecedented partnership giving life to what became then its first PlayStation.