Nintendo Switch Pro will not be made: the disappointment of fans

After many rumors and although it seemed almost done, Nintendo has announced that Switch Pro will not be made. And it has also removed a stone from the shoe.

He has long talked on the web, even on these pages, the possibility that Nintendo give a Pro version to the bestseller Nintendo Switch. The last one not even a month ago, when the company responded to the rumors in a way that made us think that it was only a matter of time, but that the debut of Nintendo Switch Pro was not in doubt.

It was not the statement of Doug Bowser, president of the American division of Nintendo, to reassure on Switch Pro, as the fact that he did not deny the rumors that had become progressively more intense and insistent despite could have done so. In short, no one or almost no one after that release imagined the epilogue today. Perhaps some doubt returned at the time of the presentation of Nintendo Switch OLED, the slightly revamped version of the original project through a screen of higher quality and with a technology certainly in step with the times, and who knows that at the time did not come the denial to keep up the attention to the company that from there shortly would have presented a "new" model anyway. Beyond the hypotheses, however, the fact is that Nintendo Switch Pro will not be made, and now it's official.

No Nintendo Switch Pro, it's official

The decision came on the channel that is probably now used most often by companies and influential personalities, namely Twitter. With its official account, Nintendo has clipped the wings of fans who were already dreaming of a Switch Pro: "We just announced that Nintendo Switch OLED will be released in October 2021, and for the moment we have no plans to present other models."

It is not difficult to understand the communication of the Chinese company: it would have made little sense to announce first an OLED Switch and then a Switch Pro that would have stolen the attention, if anything it would have been desirable that from the same event came out two new models, one updated and perhaps at a lower price, the other instead designed for those who want something more.

And instead it went so, with fans who will have to settle for the "old" Switch or the new OLED Switch, which still does not offer much more than the previous generation. Nintendo knows this and has no intention of teasing fans: in recent days has said in clear terms that it would make little sense to switch to the new model from the previous one for those who do not care so much about the new display.

Switch OLED does not make us earn more

The public release of the Japanese company on Twitter has given him the opportunity to remove a pebble from his shoe. Previously it had been said that the Switch OLED operation would have served mainly to increase profits since it cost the company just 10 euros more than the previous project but with an increase in price, which would have increased the cost-                          revenues and consequently profits for Nintendo.

So Nintendo, concurrently with the communication about Switch Pro, wrote that "to allow customers and investors to understand the facts in the correct way, we want to make it clear that the rumors (about higher Switch OLED profit, ed.) are incorrect."