Nintendo Switch, unveiled the launch date and the official price

The new console of the Japanese company should be launched on the market on March 17 at a price of about 250 euros

A few days after the official event organized by the Japanese company to present the Nintendo Switch, the first rumors about the price and the official release date start to appear online.

After the success of Pokemon Go and Super Mario Run, the Japanese company is called to give an answer on the front of the consoles after the failure of the Nintendo Wii U. From the only video presentation released by the company we can guess that the console will try to revolutionize the dynamics of play and use by users: in fact, the Nintendo Switch can be used both by connecting it to the TV at home and in portable mode during air travel or bus. Until now, these were the only certain news about the console, but thanks to a British e-commerce site you can also know the cost of Nintendo Switch.

Release date and price of Nintendo Switch  

The Anglo-Saxon portal GameSeek has already opened the bookings of the console of the Japanese company: the first shipments are set for March 17 (which should be the day of the official launch in the world market) while the price varies between 198 and 245 pounds, which at current exchange rates are equivalent to about 230-280 euros. A lower price compared to competing consoles (PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One) although with performance that will surely be lower. At the moment there is no official news regarding the technical characteristics, although rumors speak of a Tegra processor and the impossibility of removing the battery. In addition to a display that should not exceed six inches. On January 12 at the official event we will definitely know more, both on the release date and the price.