No more blue screen of death: Windows converts to green

Green is the color of hope. And hope, as you know, is the last to die. Maybe that's why Microsoft has decided to update its death screen. No longer the blue color, identification color as much as feared by users, in case of a critical system error, but a more "hopeful" green.

From Blue Screen of Death to Green Screen of Death. Blue Screen of Death is the name commonly given to the blue-colored screen shown by a computer running a Windows operating system when a critical system error occurs that cannot be resolved independently. Microsoft has decided to show this page with the green color. A user who posted the photo on Twitter noticed it and the company, represented by one of its developers, confirmed the color change. This change at the moment is only visible on Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 14997, the most recent Creators Update preview version.

Will there be other news?

The choice of green is not random or aesthetic. Microsoft is testing this color because it could help users immediately understand what it is and spot error reports right away. In addition in this way based on the color shown they will know if it is a final version or one related to Windows Insider. The death screen has evolved gradually and now also features a QR code that can be used to go directly to a support page. But this is not the only surprise of the new version. Microsoft is also testing a "night mode" that decreases the amount of blue present in the screen to relax the eyes in case of low lighting and then also a "game mode". This, as you can guess from the name, increases the performance of the device when we play.