Nokia 105 and Nokia 220, the new phones with infinite battery

Nokia announces the release of two new phones: the Nokia 105 and Nokia 220 4G. Here are the features, price and release date

For a couple of years now, Nokia has returned with force in the smartphone market, thanks to partnerships with HMD Global and Android. The Finnish company, however, does not lose sight of the cell phone market, in which it is undisputed queen. Nokia has just announced the arrival of two new featured phones (the technical term with which cell phones are called): the Nokia 105 (now in its fourth generation) and the Nokia 220 4G.

These are old-fashioned phones, but at the same time manage to be modern. The Nokia 220 4G, for example, supports the SIM data network and thanks to the presence of the Facebook app you can update your profile and publish photos. The feature that distinguishes all Nokia phones, however, is the battery. And these two new devices do not contradict themselves: the autonomy easily exceeds 2-3 days, while in stand-by the battery lasts almost a month. Here are the features and price of the Nokia 105 and Nokia 220 4G.

Nokia 105: data sheet, price and release in Italy

The Nokia 105 is one of the most iconic phones of Nokia. Two years after the release of the previous model, the Finnish company launches the fourth generation. The aesthetic changes are very few, the novelties are all at the hardware level. The color screen is large 1.77 inches and allows you to play Snake without too many problems. The internal memory holds up to 2000 contacts and 500 SMS. There is a 3.5mm audio jack and also support for FM radio.

The back is made of polycarbonate and is shock resistant. The battery can be taken out very easily, in case the phone does some tantrums.

The Nokia 105 will be available from September in blue, pink, black at a price of 24.99 euros.

Nokia 220 4G: features, price and release date in Italy

For those, however, who are looking for a phone a little more modern and functional, the Finnish company has created the Nokia 220 4G. As you can guess from the name, the phone also integrates an LTE modem that ensures better quality in calls and also surf the Internet.

It is also present by default the Facebook application to stay connected with your friends at any time.

In addition to the classic Snake, the Nokia 220 4G also has other fun games: Ninja Up, Sky Gift, Nitro Racing and Tetris. At the back there is also a camera that takes good quality images. Key feature is the battery that ensures a standby time of 27 days.

There is still no official release date for the Nokia 220 4G: it should arrive before Christmas. Even on the price there is a lot of uncertainty, but it should not exceed 50-60 euros.