Nokia 106, the cell phone with the battery that lasts a month

Nokia after the launch of the phone 105 in 2017 is now presenting the new 106, a feature phone with a battery that lasts a month and with many classic video games

HMD and Nokia do not abandon the creation of new feature phones, that is, the "pure" phones, without all the typical features of smartphones such as applications to install, camera and Internet connection. In fact, the Finnish company has presented the Nokia 106.

It is, in fact, the new version of the Nokia 105  presented in July 2017. Not an absolute novelty in the house of Nokia, in short, that already in 2013 came out a Nokia 106 with 1.8-inch display and 128×160 resolution and battery life of up to 35 days. And this Nokia 106 version 2018 will not deviate too much from that seen more than five years ago. Again, the battery will allow us more than a month of use without problems. Without applications and other functions we will practically forget to recharge the phone. 

How will the new Nokia 106

For the 2018 edition of the Nokia 106 the company has decided to leave the same screen size, 1.8 inches, but to improve the resolution, now Quarter Video Graphics Array or QQVGA. The plastic shell will be black in color as well as the phone's keys, which will be the usual three large ones at the top for navigation and shortcuts plus numbers at the bottom. The internal memory and RAM of the 2018 Nokia 106 are both 4MB. There is the ability to store up to 2000 contacts and 500 SMS. The battery is 800mAh and is removable. The Nokia 106 is a dual SIM and has a 3.5mm headphone jack. The CPU on board is the MTK 6261D and for vintage video game lovers there will already be installed: Snake, Nitro Racing, Danger Dash, Tetris. There are both flashlight and radio. The cost of the Nokia 106 in Italy will be about 20 euros.