Nokia 125, low-cost cell phone with infinite battery: how much does it cost

Nokia is ready to launch the Nokia 125 and Nokia 150, two cell phones with a physical keyboard and a very low price. Here's how they are made

The "cell phone mania" never seems to end, and Nokia knows it well, as it has always focused a lot on this sector, even in the most complicated years. The old style cell phones with physical keyboard and very small screen continue to have their own market, especially among those who do not like smartphones and in developing countries, where not everyone has enough money to buy the top of the range.

In recent years Nokia has launched several phones, some also quite interesting, such as the new Nokia 3310 and Nokia 8810 that mount the operating system KaiOS that also allows the installation of WhatsApp. From the rumors that came out in recent days, the Finnish brand would seem ready to launch two new low-cost phones, characterized as usual by a virtually infinite battery: the Nokia 125 and Nokia 150. These are fairly simple devices, with physical keyboard and no support for applications such as WhatsApp or Facebook. The two phones have already received certification from TENAA, the Chinese certifying body, and are ready to make their debut on the market.

Nokia 125, the characteristics

Classic design and maximum functionality are the two main peculiarities of Nokia 125, the next cell phone of the Finnish company. To announce the arrival on the market, even in Europe, of the phone is Roland Quandt, journalist always very informed about the news related to the world of Nokia. In addition, the phone has also received certification by TENAA.

From the images appeared online, the design of the Nokia 125 is the classic old style phones: 2.4-inch screen, physical keyboard and rear VGA camera that allows you to take pictures of dubious quality. The RAM should be 4MB, while the storage space should not exceed 16MB. Present is the audio jack and also FM Radio.

The highlight will be the 1020mAh battery that ensures a battery life of at least a week, which can also reach 15 days on standby.

Nokia 150, what we know

On the Nokia 150 the information is a little less, but the features should not be so different from those of the Nokia 125. The design will probably be different, with a different layout of the keyboard buttons. As for the technical features, we should not expect much: we are still faced with a cell phone with physical keyboard and fairly old hardware components.

Price Nokia 125 and Nokia 150

Rolandt Quandt, in addition to revealing the arrival of the two devices in Europe, also announced the launch price. The Nokia 125 should cost 35.90 euros, while the Nokia 150 41.90 euros. This would confirm the intention of the Finnish company to continue to focus on low-cost cell phones, a market that still attracts millions of people around the World.