Nokia 150 official, low-cost cell phone and infinite battery

Nokia 150 and Nokia 125 are the two new low-cost cell phones from the Finnish company. They cost less than 30 euros and the battery lasts a week

Good news for cell phone lovers: Nokia has just launched the new Nokia 125 and Nokia 150. These are two old style cell phones with physical keyboard, 2.4-inch screen, compact size and battery that lasts more than a week. For several years now, the Finnish company, along with HMD Global, has made a strong comeback in the world of telephony, launching both smartphones with Android operating system and cell phones with physical keyboard.

More importantly, cell phones are discovering a second youth: they remain the preferred device for those who do not like smartphones and in developing countries, where many do not have enough budget for a technologically advanced device. The Nokia 150 is not a brand new phone, but it is the new version of a model that has been on the market for a couple of years now. Both models have rather limiting technical characteristics compared to the most modern smartphones, but they have from their very advantageous price: they cost less than 30 euros.

The characteristics of the Nokia 150

It does not take much to describe the Nokia 150. The design is classic cell phone: 2.4-inch screen and physical keyboard to interact with different applications and send messages. On board we find 4MB of RAM and 4MB of internal memory, expandable up to 32GB with a microSD card (where you can put your favorite music). There is also a VGA camera at the back that takes pictures of dubious quality. Among the available apps is the MP3 player and Snake, an unforgettable game for many. The battery is 1020 mAh and ensures an autonomy of about a week, an eternity compared to smartphones.

Nokia 125: how it is made

The Nokia 125 is also a featured phone, term used to identify cell phones with a physical keyboard. Apart from a few differences from the point of view of design, the features of the phone are very similar to those of the Nokia 150. Here too we find a 2.4-inch screen, with 4MB of RAM and 4MB of internal memory. In the rear is the VGA camera. The most interesting feature is definitely the 1020mAh battery that ensures an autonomy of seven days.

Price and release date Nokia 150 and Nokia 125

Nokia 150 and Nokia 125 are low-cost phones and the launch price proves it: $29 the first, $24 the second. For the moment there is no news on a possible launch in Italy, but it is not to be excluded that it will happen in the coming months. And the price will certainly be well below fifty euros.