Nokia 3310 on sale from next week

The Finnish cell phone will arrive on the European market from next week. The price of the Nokia 3310 will be just over 50 euros

After the surprise presentation that took place during the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, the international fair dedicated to mobile devices, the Nokia 3310 finally arrives on the market. As announced by the Finnish company itself, sales will begin from April 28 throughout Europe. Although there is no shortage of surprises on the price of the Nokia 3310.

The return of the Finnish cell phone was a real surprise hit. Nokia wants to return to be a protagonist in the world of telephony and will do so with one of the models that has consecrated it. The Nokia 3310 is dedicated to all those who care a lot about the hard work and use the phone only to make calls and send SMS. The phone will not have a Play Store to download applications, but only the functions pre-installed by Nokia, including the new version of Snake. In the pre-sales phase, the Nokia 3310 has recorded staggering numbers, and the Finnish company is convinced that they will be confirmed even in the early days of the official launch.

Features and price Nokia 3310

The characteristics of the Nokia 3310 are those of a phone of ten years ago. In terms of design, Nokia did not want to distort that of the original model: compact and decisive forms. The screen will be color and 2.4 inches, while the rear camera will be 2 megapixels. The internal memory of 16MB can be expanded with a microSd card up to 32GB, ideal for listening to music. The phone will only be 2G and will not be able to access the superfast connection. The battery of the Finnish cell phone will last over thirty days.

As mentioned above, the Nokia 3310 will be available in Europe from April 28. The price is slightly higher than initially expected: it varies between 53 and 59 euros. In Sweden, an e-commerce has also put on sale a version of the Nokia 3310 3G, but the Finnish company has not confirmed the presence of the model connected to the Net.