Nokia 400, the low-cost cell phone with Android and WhatsApp

The Nokia 400 is a cell phone with a physical keyboard and a new operating system developed by Google. On board there will also be WhatsApp

The link between Nokia and cell phones is indissoluble and still continues in an era in which they have now been supplanted by ultra-tech smartphones. Nokia has been able to re-invent the industry by adding to classic cell phones some key features for users: a functional operating system and 4G connection. The Nokia 3310 4G was an unexpected success, repeated by the Nokia 8110. Now the Finnish company has ready a new feature phone: the Nokia 400 4G.

This device, however, compared to others will have a peculiarity: it will be one of the first to mount the operating system GAFP. This is an OS developed by Google and based on Android, customized specifically for older phones with physical keyboards. Already last year had appeared in some photos and in a short video, a Nokia phone with Android on board. And most likely it was the Nokia 400, which is now ready to make its debut on the market. Thanks to the presence of the operating system made in Google, the Nokia 400 will have all the GApps (Chrome, Gmail, Maps) and will support popular apps such as WhatsApp and Facebook.

Nokia 400, the cell phone you've always dreamed of

The market for featured phones, the old-fashioned phones with physical keyboards, is much bigger than you can imagine. Compact size, ease of use and essential functions have made them very popular among older people and even in developing countries. In addition, Nokia has also equipped the latest models with 4G modem to quickly connect to the network and use popular apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook and Google services.

Moreover, the latest phones mount the KaiOS operating system, a viable alternative to Android and iOS. The Nokia 400, however, will be different: it will have the new GAFP OS on board, an operating system developed by Google and based on Android. The OS is customized specifically for cell phones and aims to make them smart. Being an operating system based on Android, the presence of all the most used applications is assured, starting with WhatsApp, Gmail and Maps.

When the Nokia 400 comes out

The Nokia 400 4G has just received all the necessary certifications to be launched on the market. According to the latest rumors, the device is expected to make its debut first in India, and then arrive in Europe as well. The presentation for the Italian market could take place during the Mobile World Congress 2020, the trade show dedicated to technology that takes place every year at the end of February in Barcelona.