Nokia arrives a new retro phone with WhatsApp: what will it be like

Nokia is ready to launch a new retro phone and repeat the success achieved with the Nokia 3310 and Nokia 8110. Here's what it will be

Nokia is ready to launch a new retro phone, bringing back one of the many models that marked the history of the last decade of the past millennium. This is not an indiscretion, but a news published on Twitter by Juho Sarvikas, one of the executives who relaunched the Finnish company in the smartphone market.

Since returning to the mobile world with Android smartphones, Nokia has never abandoned its history and has continued to produce old style phones, with physical keyboard and screen size just over an inch. These are inexpensive devices designed for a very specific segment of the public: those who do not want smartphones and who still love the devices of the past. In recent years, the Finnish company has relaunched the Nokia 3310 and Nokia 8110, also getting a good success, thanks to the presence of the operating system KaiOS, designed for cheap phones and that also allows you to use WhatsApp.

Nokia is not unbalanced much and has not leaked what will be the next phone to return in vogue. But you won't have to wait long: the presentation could happen as early as the end of January, or at most at the end of February during the event organized by HMD Global (the company that uses the Nokia brand for smartphones and cell phones) for the Mobile World Congress 2020, the fair dedicated to smartphones in Barcelona.

Nokia's new retro phone

There are no rumors about what could be the phone that Nokia is planning to relaunch and will present in the coming months. The Finnish company is spoiled for choice from which to choose, starting with the Nokia 1100 that with over 200 million pieces sold is among the most purchased cell phones ever. Or it could think about the Nokia N95, one of the last Nokia cell phones to obtain a good success. With its slider opening it would be very current, given that some companies have used this technology for their smartphones (e.g. Xiaomi for the Mi Mix 3).

New Nokia phone will have WhatsApp

The only thing certain about the next Nokia phone concerns the operating system: it will have KaiOS on board. This is the OS that the Finnish company is using for its latest phones and that allows you to install popular applications such as WhatsApp, Google Maps, Google Assistant, YouTube and Facebook.

KaiOS has been on the rise lately, especially in developing countries where people are looking for low-cost phones that allow them to surf, text their friends and watch videos.

When Nokia's retro phone comes out

The presentation of the device could take place during the Mobile World Congress 2020, the fair dedicated to smartphones that is organized every year in Barcelona. An important appointment for Nokia that should also show its next top of the range: the Nokia 9.1 based on Snapdragon 865 architecture.