Nokia bets on HarmonyOS: which will be the first smartphone to use it

Nokia ready to make a surprising move, abandoning Android for Huawei's HarmonyOS: according to rumors it will be done by the end of the year on Nokia X60 and X60 Pro

HarmonyOS on non-Huawei smartphones? Few would have bet on it, but the operating system developed by the Chinese company after the US ban to remedy the impossibility to talk to Google and to have Android could end up on smartphones of other companies and, in fact, compete with the same operating system of the green robot.

Since the presentation of HarmonyOS some time ago, rumors have multiplied according to which the Huawei system could be used by other manufacturers, but the voices have always remained rather shy in front of this possibility. Until today, according to which Nokia has taken seriously the idea of putting HarmonyOS on one of its smartphones. Soon, let's say by the end of the year: the candidates would be in fact Nokia X60 and X60 Pro, high-end products coming out by the end of 2021 that according to what is said on the net would not have as you would expect a user interface based on Android but on HarmonyOS.

HarmonyOS on Nokia X60 and X60 Pro

For X60 and X60 Pro Nokia is therefore planning a future with HarmonyOS instead of Android. An unusual choice that could derive from the desire of Huawei to compete with the green robot: after investing time, resources and effort in the development of an operating system in the shortest possible time, Huawei could then legitimately propose itself as a third player in the OS market for technological gadgets, challenging Apple's iOS and, of course, Android.

We will have to understand if Nokia's choice is already taken or if instead there are evaluations underway to abandon Android for HarmonyOS, provided that the rumour that describes a Nokia well-intentioned to marry the Huawei project is not completely groundless.

In light of the fact that Nokia has so far used Android with an almost stock UI, therefore devoid of customizations, the move to HarmonyOS would be a nice change of pace: the user interface developed by Huawei adopts the opposite approach, so Nokia would give the customer a "complete" package, customized and customizable, without investing resources in the development of a UI.

A change of philosophy that could boost sales, at least in China where an operation of this type should not be so surprising. It seems unlikely, at least at the moment, that Nokia will abandon Android in the West in favor of HarmonyOS; it is more likely that this will happen in China, at least at first, a market that rewards UIs with a strong personality like that of Huawei.

What is known about Nokia X60 and X60 Pro

Nokia X60 and X60 Pro would still have the technical specifications of true top of the range. There's little information available at the moment, but there's already talk of some exciting features: a display with curved edges, a 6,000 mAh battery that should protect you from battery life anxieties, and no less than a camera group with the main one at 200 megapixels.

Surely in the coming weeks there will be more news or rumors about the Nokia X60.