Nokia nostalgia, more phones from the past on the way?

Nokia, together with HMD Global, is ready to bring back on the market phones that have made history: N-Gage, the console phone, the N-95 and the Nokia 8210

Not only Nokia 3310. After the success obtained with the new version of the Finnish cell phone, Nokia is ready to launch new devices on the market. But we're not talking about the long-awaited Nokia 9, the top of the range that should go to enrich the line-up of the Nordic company.

The announcement is directly from HMD Global, the company that helped Nokia to return to the mobile world by producing the first three Android smartphones (Nokia 3, Nokia 5 and Nokia 6) and the new Nokia 3310. In an interview with a trade magazine, one of the heads of HMD Global said he was ready to relaunch models from the past such as the N-Gage, the Nokia 8210 and the N95, all phones that have marked the history of the Finnish company. HMD Global wants to exploit the hype created around the Nokia brand to continue to conquer small slices of the market and create its own niche of fans.

Success above expectations

Despite the delays accumulated by Nokia in the production and distribution of its new smartphones, the results obtained by the new Nokia 3310 are far beyond expectations. So much so that it pushed HMD Global and Nokia to launch new retro-phones. For the moment we do not know exactly what models will be chosen by the two companies, but HMD Global has assured that they are working on it and that very soon there could be news. And those who expected to see the Nokia 9 as soon as possible, most likely will have to settle for the new version of the Nokia 8210.

Also, HMD Global is working to re-modernise the Nokia brand. And Operation Nostalgia is part of the new plan developed by the Finnish company. And from the results obtained so far, it seems that everything is going well. But from HMD Global ensure that this is just the first step and that in the coming months will start new initiatives and new devices will be launched.