Nokia presents two new super low cost phones

Nokia 110 4G and 105 4G are the two new cell phones of the historic Nokia brand, with even disappointing specifications if not understood in the right way

HMD Global, the company that controls the historic Nokia brand, has recently tried to launch itself into the adventure of top of the range Android smartphones, but it hasn't gone as planned. Probably a little patience is still needed to keep up with the more established manufacturers, which is not surprising for a young company that only a few years ago raised Nokia from the ashes.

So HMD Global has thrown itself self-sacrificingly into the segment of mid- and low-end products, with convincing value for money proposals. So are the brand new Nokia 110 4G and 105 4G, two new super low cost phones that will give a hard time in the market segment they go to occupy. These are two feature phones, definition given to those products "old-fashioned", away from the concept of smartphone both in size and functionality. According to the numbers distributed by the specialized company Counterpoint, if it's a market niche then Nokia is the big voice: only in the first quarter of the year 11 million feature phones were sold worldwide, and with the Nokia 110 4G and 105 4G the company aims to strengthen this dominant position.

The "epochal" leap of Nokia's feature phones

In times of 5G, paradoxically, the strong point of Nokia's new two feature phones is support for 4G infrastructure, because these kinds of products, which don't have particularly large displays and advanced features, need little or no refined and super-fast network connections.

But with 3G infrastructure being phased out, offering only 2G connectivity in 2021 would have been too little, and risky, as more and more operators plan to abandon this infrastructure as well. Moreover, Nokia 110 and 105 were made official in 2019 precisely with compatibility to second generation networks, so with this operation Nokia 110 4G and 105 4G keep up with the times.

The Finnish company has taken the opportunity to put hands on the design of the two. The "mini" system has been maintained, so compact size and low weight, but Nokia 110 4G and 105 4G have a different form ratio, a more symmetrical design and a more pronounced curvature of the upper and lower profiles.

The characteristics of Nokia 110 4G and 105 4G

When it comes to technical features, forget the bombastic numbers of recent Android smartphones. It makes little sense to ask more from the Nokia 110 4G and 105 4G than they'd be able to put to good use. So there's a 1.8-inch display with 120 x 160 pixel resolution, a 3.5mm audio jack input, a slot to expand internal memory up to 32GB with microSD, an LED flashlight and FM radio, which can also be started with headphones not plugged in.

The camera on the Nokia 110 4G is single and only on the back, while on the Nokia 105 4G there isn't even a camera. Another aspect that unites them is the battery capacity of 1,020 mAh. Few if put next to the standards of smartphones, enough to ensure several days of use on simple products and not very thirsty of energy as the two new feature phones from Nokia.

Nokia 105 4G will be available in black, blue and red, while Nokia 110 4G will be available in black, yellow and teal. No word yet on pricing and availability.