Nokia, ready a new cell phone with WhatsApp

Nokia is about to launch a new cell phone with WhatsApp support. Here's how it will look like and when it will be available

The cancellation of Mobile World Congress 2020 due to the Coronavirus has upset the plans of many companies, which were organizing the presentation of their new devices during the Spanish fair. One of these companies is definitely Nokia, which was ready to launch as many as four new devices, including a new top-of-the-line smartphone with 5G support. The Finnish company, however, also had in sebum a surprise: a new "old style" cell phone with physical keyboard and support for WhatsApp.

The news comes directly from China, where Nokia has obtained certification for a new model, classified with the code TA-1212. Little is known about the official name, but the certainty is that it is a cell phone. The news should not come as a surprise: Nokia in recent years is one of the most active producers in the field of "featured phones", ie phones with physical keyboard. These devices are still in great demand, especially in developing countries. To make them in step with the times, Nokia has decided to support the new operating system KaiOS, which allows you to install applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook and part of the Google suite on the phones. This is how the new Nokia 2020 cell phone will look like.

The Nokia cell phone features

From the certification obtained in Chinese soil, it is possible to derive some features of the new Nokia cell phone. The screen will have a diagonal of 2.4 inches with resolution 360×240, while the RAM will be 8MB and the internal memory 16GB. As you can guess this is a cell phone with very basic features, designed for those who do not want to spend big money for a new cell phone.

Also present is a rear camera from 0.3 megapixels. Very interesting is the 1200mAh battery that should ensure an autonomy of more than 10 days (and most likely in stand-by can be used for more than a month).

The functionality of the Nokia 2020 mobile phone

Let's move on to the most interesting part of the device: the operating system. In recent years, Nokia has been installing KaiOS, a very lightweight operating system designed for devices with limited technical features, on the phones. Just like the new TA-1212 (Nokia's cell phone code name). KaiOS is growing very fast, especially in Africa and developing countries. The operating system has also obtained the support of Google and in the online store there are applications such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Google Maps and Google Assistant.

In recent weeks, however, there has also been talk of the possibility of Nokia launching a cell phone with a special version of Android on board. Difficult, however, that it will be installed on this model: the features are too limited.

What Nokia will present in 2020

The Coronavirus has only postponed the presentation of new Nokia smartphones scheduled during the Mobile World Congress. The company is organizing traveling "live" events where it will let users and the press discover the new devices for 2020. In addition to the cell phone TA-1212, there should be place for the new Nokia 8.2 5G, top of the range smartphone with support for super-fast network, the Nokia 5.2, mid-range with excellent value for money and the Nokia 4.3, slightly lower range. Just a few more days or weeks and we'll know more.