Nokia X50 is coming: 5 cameras and a new chip

A great mid-range chip and an assault photography department: these are the two features on which Nokia will bet everything with the new X50, coming in the coming months.

Another new Nokia smartphone on the way: after presenting six low cost models at the beginning of April (X10, X20, G10, G20, C10 and C20 that we have described here) HMD would now be ready to present a new phone, this time higher-end: it is the Nokia X50 and should be equipped with five cameras and a new processor and performant.

X50 is a candidate to be to all intents and purposes the heir of Nokia 8.3 5G, as well as one of the first devices equipped with Qualcomm's new medium-high SoC: the Snapdragon 775, which has yet to be presented, and which will be the heir to the current Snapdragon 765. That is, the successor of a particularly successful chip, which in 2020 was used on average smartphones but with absolutely outstanding performance. The 775G and will be positioned just below the Snapdragon 780G, which is basically a Snapdragon 888 "lite" (as we explained here). At a time when grabbing the best chips is difficult and expensive, due to the now known bottlenecks in the supply chain, Nokia has therefore decided to attract potential buyers also focusing on multimedia features.

Nokia X50, probable technical characteristics

Although there is still no official information on the technical compartment of Nokia X50, persistent rumors point everything on two particularly attractive features: it is the processor, the chip Qualcomm Snapdragon 775/775G, and the photo module with five lenses, produced in collaboration with Zeiss, and 108MP primary sensor. Another partnership with OZO, specifically for the audio system.

An additional rumor that needs confirmation is that relating to the screen. The device should in fact mount the 6.5-inch PureDisplay V4; also in this case the technical detail is not insignificant: Quad HD+ resolution and 120Hz refresh rate. Last detail, that of the battery: it is an accumulator of large capacity, well 6000mAh, able to support fast charging from 22W.

Nokia X50 should then support 5G connection, in addition to 4G VoLTE and be equipped with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 5.0 and USB Type-C port. The choice of operating system, on the other hand, could involve Android version 11.

Nokia X50, when it arrives

No official date has yet been scheduled for Nokia's new smartphone but, in all likelihood, the device will debut during the third quarter of 2021. Even the name could be subject to change, so as to still keep the door open to the hypothesis Nokia 8.4, just to mark the evolution of the previous device at the height of a secret agent like James Bond.