Not only Ferragnez: other series with starring families

The TV series on the Ferragnez is among the most anticipated of the year, but before them other famous families have lent themselves to reality and docu-series. Here's who they are and where to find the titles

The private life of famous people has always been synonymous with high ratings. The productions that continue to invest in this thriving market, appreciated by the public, know it well. To prove this, stands out the TV series on the Ferragnez announced by Amazon Prime Video, which has aroused the enthusiasm of millions of followers and will arrive at the end of the year in streaming.

Fedez and Chiara Ferragni will be, in fact, the absolute protagonists of a new serial show. But before them, many other famous families have told their stories in a reality show. The portraits that over the years have followed one another on TV or streaming platforms have been, at times, criticized, others loved by the general public, but all have had great success. This is the case of the family of Ozzy Osbourne, protagonist of the emblematic American series out of the box. They are the ones who officially started the trend. Subsequently, many famous couples have opened the doors of their homes and involved family and friends in memorable shows. Here's which ones to watch before enjoying the Ferragnez TV series.

Catching up with the Kardashians

Transmitted in several countries around the world, including Netflix Italy, the American reality show focuses on the personal and professional lives of the Kardashian-Jenner family. The episodes tell the story of the so-called "famous for being famous" family that has always flaunted a privileged lifestyle. Each episode recounts the family's petty squabbles, but also tears and laughter, as well as the many relationships in which the family members are involved.

The show has been taken to task by critics since its first episodes, mainly for its emphasis on appearance and the display of wealth. Nonostante le recensioni negative, Al passo coi Kardashian ha ottenuto un elevato numero di ascolti, diventando uno dei reality show di maggior successo degli ultimi anni e vincendo numerosi premi del pubblico. La serie è terminata nel 2021, dopo ben venti stagioni.

Clio Back Home

La docu-serie in dieci episodi, disponibile su Discovery+, ripercorre tutti gli avvenimenti e gli aneddoti legati al rientro in Italia di Clio Zammatteo, la Youtuber e influencer conosciuta in tutto il mondo come ClioMakeUp. La famiglia di Clio è la vera protagonista della serie, che si alterna tra momenti di spensierata quotidianità e successi professionali.

Gli episodi tracciano la storia di quello che viene definito un modello di family business italiano: tutti sono coinvolti nella gestione aziendale e la serie fornisce un vero e proprio “dietro le quinte" su come sia articolata la giornata tipo di Clio e famiglia.

The Osbournes

Although the series is now dated, having aired in 2002 on MTV, it maintains a prominent place in the landscape of "family" reality shows.

The show, among the pioneers of the genre, focuses on the home life of heavy metal singer Ozzy Osbourne and his family: his wife Sharon, their daughter Kelly and their son Jack. Those who love this kind of show can not, therefore, miss The Osbournes and other similar series.

The series has often been discussed for its over-the-top and politically incorrect tones, but it has also brought to the center of attention important issues such as Sharon's battle with cancer and the aftermath of an accident that almost killed Ozzy. Finished in 2005, was an immediate success, so that, even today, is among the most viewed series on MTV.