Nothing Ear 1: the transparent headphones become black and can be bought in Bitcoin

The Black Edition of Nothing Ear 1 wireless headphones is official, but not only: they can be bought (also) in cryptocurrencies and are environmentally friendly

Nothing has announced a limited edition of the true wireless Ear 1 headphones. The object already very glamorous and particularly attentive to the design becomes even more "stylish", and brings attention to key issues such as cryptocurrency and environmental sustainability, increasingly urgent for the planet.

The novelties of Nothing Ear 1 Black Edition are not limited to the new color that gives the wireless headphones even more character. At the time of the start of sales in fact, the official portal of Nothing will open to cryptocurrencies, thus offering an additional payment option for products that will certainly be appreciated by those who handle daily digital currencies. In particular, Nothing will accept four of them, which coincide with the most widespread: Bitcoin, Ethereum, USD Coin and Dogecoin. Attention to the customer experience has always been a priority for Nothing's first manager, Carl Pei, formerly of OnePlus, and he proves it so once again in Nothing.

Nothing Ear 1 Black Edition, as they are

The Nothing Ear 1 get black. The lightweight true wireless headphones of the young British company retain the peculiar transparent charging case, but the earphones are tinged with a new smoky finish and a matte black color for the silicone and the inner shell. The technical characteristics of the Nothing Ear 1 Black Edition are the same as the variant already on the market.

A very welcome novelty for the historical moment we are going through is the attention to pollutant emissions shown by the Nothing team, which, starting from the new Nothing Ear 1 black and for the products that will arrive in the future, will adopt a packaging label that will make the user aware of the environmental impact of the product he has purchased.

In particular the Nothing Ear 1 are now carbon neutral, that is there is a zero difference between the carbon dioxide emissions generated during production and those reabsorbed: in other words the Nothing Ear 1 headphones are zero emissions. The company arrived at the result through consultancy SGS, which independently assessed the carbon footprint of the headphones and drew up a plan that enabled Nothing to achieve zero carbon footprint.

"Nothing is here to make a positive difference. Our new zero-emission Ear 1s are the first step in our journey to sustainability," said Carl Pei, CEO and co-founder of Nothing. "With the Ear 1s, we've proven that new ideas, from design to distribution, can connect with users and bring back the sense of excitement that has been missing in our industry. We hope that this Black Edition attracts more and more attention in the months to come, and that more tech brands add the carbon footprint label to their products."

Nothing Ear 1 Black Edition, how much do they cost

The Nothing Ear 1 Black Edition will be sold first in the temporary store that the company will set up on December 4 from 11 am to 7 pm local time in Covent Garden, London, while they will then be available for everyone from 12 pm on December 13 at the usual sales channels, at the same price as the "traditional" variant, so 99 euros, payable, as mentioned, also with cryptocurrencies.