Now you can create personal user profiles on Amazon Prime Video

On Amazon Prime Video, the ability to create up to six different personal profiles per account has been introduced. Here's how to make them

It took quite a while, but Amazon finally introduced them: we're talking about Amazon Prime Video user profiles. What on all other streaming services of movies and TV series (such as Netflix or Disney+) has been the norm for a long time, is now finally available on Amazon's service.

The novelty started in the United States, but Amazon is usually pretty quick to spread the new features in the various markets in which it operates and, in fact, it wasn't long before we saw multiple profiles in Italy too: they're already there. Being able to create different user profiles will allow you to make the most of other Amazon Prime Video features: for example, the "Keep Watching" list, which will be customized for each profile. It remains unchanged, at the moment, the limit of three devices on which you can simultaneously use the same Prime Video account. Only now you can use three profiles on three devices.

Multiple profiles on Prime Video: how they work

To create a new user profile on Amazon Prime Video just go to the home page of the service and click on our account, in the upper right corner. In the menu there are now more options: Kids, Add a profile, Edit profiles. You can create up to 6 profiles for each account, specifying for each one the name, the image and if it is a "Child Profile". In the latter case the content available will be reduced: only those suitable for children up to 12 years old. Once the profile is created you can immediately select it from the account menu and you can go back to using Amazon Prime Video exactly as before. The difference is that data, preferences and histories will now be separated between profiles.

Child or Kids Profiles?

At the moment, with the introduction of user profiles, there is some confusion on Amazon Prime Video related to the "Kids" mode that was already present. Basically, it's currently possible to continue to set an adult's profile as Kids, limiting it to content suitable for children only. A real duplicate feature that will probably be removed soon to avoid confusion.