Now you can own a piece of the Moon (or other planets): here’s how

Lunar Embassy website you can buy land on the Moon and Mars: sold out Apollo 11 landing site

The space race is more alive than ever: space tourism season has just begun, NASA is preparing the next return to the Moon, Elon Musk has just finished building the largest spaceship ever made, and the emergence of China is forcing everyone to pick up the pace.

And yet, you can conquer your own little piece of space from Earth, too: Lunar Embassy, the company of U.S. entrepreneur Dennis Hope, sells plots on the Moon - and other planets in the Solar System - online starting at $24.99 (just over 21 euros).

The owner of the Moon

Back in the 1980s, Nevada-born entrepreneur Dennis Hope sent an unusual memo to the UN declaring himself the owner of the Moon and all the other planets in the Solar System except Earth.

The answer from the UN never arrived, and so the tacit consent allowed the eccentric entrepreneur to found Lunar Embassy, the only "space real estate company", as Hope calls it, that can legitimately sell pieces of the Moon.

In the Outer Space Treaty, in force since 1967, it is clearly written that "Space, including the Moon and other celestial bodies, is not subject to national appropriation". The operation of Lunar Embassy is therefore placed in a classic regulatory loophole, which to date allows Hope to sell online plots of land on the Moon or Mars, but also the entire property of Pluto, for sale at $250,000 (less than 215,000 euros)

As far as we read on the site of Lunar Embassy, as many as three presidents of the United States of America have purchased land on the Moon, including Ronald Reagan. And at least 15 actors from the Star Trek series, along with hundreds of other celebrities, have also acquired their own piece of the Moon.

The Apollo 11 landing site is sold out, but the Sea of Tranquility and the Apollo 15 mission landing site have been added to the purchasable land on the Moon this year, starting at a price of $44.99 (about 38 euros).

How to buy a piece of the Moon?

Over six million people have already purchased property in the Solar System: it will come as no surprise to learn that Lunar Embassy's core business, however, remains the sale of land on the Moon, Hope's only properties visible from Earth.

To purchase land on the Moon, Mars or Mercury, simply log on to the Lunar Embassy website, select the planet and choose one of the land plots offered for sale by Dennis Hope.

The purchase is ratified by three separate documents: the deed, the map of the land and a specific regulation for the planet or satellite of which you are buying a part.

In the design of Dennis Hope, who in the meantime has founded the Galactic Government of which he is obviously the president, the Moon, Mars and the other planets are subject only to that government.

In 2004, the Galactic Government of Hopes ratified its own Constitution, which applies to all extraterrestrial possessions within the Solar System and also provides for special elections in which all owners Lunar Embassy are called to vote.

According to what Hope claimed, many of the documents ratifying the existence of the Galactic Government bear the signature of then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Buy a piece of the Moon then it is quite simple, and also cheap. Let it be known, though: if life were ever discovered on Mars, as Lunar Embassy stated, then we would relinquish all rights to the Martian lands in toto, "so as not to repeat on Mars what we did on Earth."