Obsidian, the 3D printer for less than 100 euros

Manufactured by an American company, Obsidian is a small printer, easy to use and compatible with different materials. And above all, it costs little

Of the many technological objects that are launched every day on Kickstarter, one of the main crowdfunding platforms, Obsidian deserves special attention. It is a small 3D printer, designed by an American startup, full of surprises.

Developed by Kodama, a San Francisco-based company, Obsidian is a very practical 3D printer, ideal for use by everyone. In addition to its small size, the device is very easy to use. You turn it on, connect it to your computer via cable or through the Wi-Fi connection (only available in the "premium" version), insert the desired filament (the device is compatible with various materials), load the model and start 3D printing. The operations, moreover, can be controlled remotely, thanks to the integrated camera and the dedicated application, which can be installed on both Android and iOS.


Kodama offers several models. The most complete 3D printer is Obsidian Deluxe that, compared to the basic version, is equipped with what the Californian company calls the Smart LCD, a screen characterized by a very simple graphical interface that allows you to manage the printing processes directly from the device. Another important feature is that the models to be printed can be made from multiple devices and using any software.

Curated design

As anticipated, Kodama's object can also be started remotely, through the appropriate app, to be used not only to control the printing in real time, but also to record the entire process. The company has also been busy on the design front. Obsidian from an aesthetic point of view, in fact, in addition to being small and handy, it is also pleasant. Another aspect not to be underestimated is the function that allows you to resume printing in case of power failure.

Price and release date

The strength of Obsidian, undoubtedly, is its price. To buy the basic version you need just $99, or less than €87. A cost that allows Kodama's device to be one of the cheapest printers ever made. For the Deluxe model, which includes several additional features and numerous accessories, the asking price is $249. Still not much, considering the printer's potential. Kodama will begin delivering the first devices starting in December 2017.