Office, goodbye to the ribbon, new commands arrive

The Office ribbon could be replaced by new commands: Microsoft aims at a graphic revolution of the program

A large and fixed ribbon from which to access tools and functions with a simple click: this is Microsoft Office, or rather was. The company of Bill Gates is carrying out a real revolution for the whole suite of programs that are part of Office, both at the graphic and functional level.

To lead the renewal of Office is the Fluent Design, with a change for both icons and graphics, which will be more nuanced. In addition, Microsoft is working on introducing a dark mode for each program that is part of the Suite, to provide a better user experience. The ribbon, as a result, will totally change its appearance, but above all it will become adaptive and can be moved within the screen at the point where it could be more convenient and functional to meet the needs of users.

Microsoft Office, new features coming

To publish a video about the new features and functionality of the Office suite is Jon Friedman, chief designer of Microsoft Office. The goal of the developers is to make the user experience even more fluid and intuitive. In addition to graphical innovations, such as revamped icons and moving the ribbon, they will also offer new tools, such as a unified search tool across the Office suite. Microsoft's revolution doesn't only concern the desktop version of the programs, but also the mobile version. Developers are working to create an experience on Android devices that is the best for users and the most complete.

So if Microsoft has already started working on its Office revolution, having already outlined the main innovations to be included and implemented, it is not yet clear when an official version will be ready for use. Most likely, it will still take some time for the change to arrive, perhaps even within two years.