On Amazon Prime Video comes the film about Tiziano Ferro

The documentary dedicated to the great Italian singer is coming to streaming. It comes out November 6 on Prime Video in more than 240 countries around the world. Here are the details

Tiziano Ferro lands on Amazon Prime Video with a documentary that narrates his intense existence, with its truths, difficulties, but also the rises and successes. The docu-film will be released on November 6 in more than 240 countries around the world, including Italy of course.

It is simply titled "Ferro" and is a unique opportunity to learn about the existence of one of the most popular Italian artists in the world. In fact, he will also talk about his black moments, such as the repression of his homosexuality, the impossibility of accepting himself, which led him to become addicted to alcohol and weigh a hundred and ten kilos. The path of self-awareness, love, his loved ones and music saved him. The strength of the documentary is therefore to show the lights and shadows of the artist's life. Tiziano Ferro will be revealed on the small screen in all its nuances, of course there will be clips dedicated to his concerts, which annually gather hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Tiziano Ferro: on Amazon Prime his documentary

The documentary lasts about an hour and a half and was written by Federico Giunta in collaboration with the director Beppe Tufarulo, who has already distinguished himself in the direction of many commercials, but with the docu-film "Ferro" also shows his vein of storyteller, as he is able to transform into images and frames the intense life of Tiziano Ferro.

The final sentence of the film is emblematic to explain what will be shown to the public: "There is a happy ending: it doesn't matter how you fall, it only matters how you get back up. If you make a great recovery, the thing they'll remember most about you is how you got back up."

And indeed Titian's is a life that teaches how to get back up after several major falls, from which everyone can learn, not just fans.

The most important scenes of Tiziano Ferro's docu-film

Stage after scene, the audience will be accompanied in a real "training path" of the person and the artist we all know.

Titian's was a real work that lasted years to accept himself. The repression of his essence led him to develop an addiction to alcohol and to accumulate weight, arriving at the point of not recognizing himself because of the obesity caused by his eating disorders.

Tiziano Ferro then recounts the way in which he managed to rise, thanks to the awareness of having a problem, to the ability to ask for help. He tells about his participation in Alcoholics Anonymous, up to his love with Victor, with whom he got married in a double ceremony, in Italy and in the United States.

Of course, in the documentary there is also a lot of music: from Sanremo to his concerts, there are many moments that punctuate the artist's career.

In short, the documentary "Ferro" is really recommended for everyone, not just fans and is available from November 6 on Amazon Prime Video.

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