On Digital Terrestrial comes Byoblu, banned from YouTube

The broadcaster Davvero TV makes room for the new channel Byoblu, a re-proposition on the digital terrestrial platform of Claudio Messora's YouTube channel.

This week there is a lot of news to tell about the broadcasters transmitting on the digital terrestrial platform, but one is definitely more noisy than the others: a few days ago, at LCN 262, the broadcaster Davvero TV gave way to the new channel Byoblu.

The station started broadcasting on April 25th and since yesterday it has replaced the old logo of Davvero TV with its own, already known to hundreds of thousands of people because Byoblu is nothing else but the re-proposition on DVB of a well-known YouTube channel: the one of Claudio Messora.

A channel that had 525 thousand subscribers but that now doesn't exist anymore, because it was banned and permanently closed at the end of March by Google after 14 years of activity, following three consecutive warnings within 90 days for "publishing contents that violate our rules on misinformation in the medical field regarding COVID-19". Immediately after the ban Messora launched an online financing to buy a channel on digital terrestrial, raised twice the amount needed and, now, Byoblu has arrived on TV and is visible to all in free-to-air with the same schedule already seen on the YouTube channel, which was already a sort of online TV.

Digitale Terrestre: le altre modifiche

The arrival of Byoblu in place of Davvero TV is not the only news of the last few days. In Abruzzo, within the Telemax MUX, La 8 and La 9 have been eliminated and their respective numbers, 76 and 81, are not currently occupied by other broadcasters.

In the Studio 1 MUX, which broadcasts in Lombardy, Valle d'Aosta, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna and Veneto, the broadcaster Giornale Radio TV has changed LCN and the reason is once again the arrival of Byoblu, to which number 262 has been given. Now Giornale Radio TV can be seen in these regions at LCN 268.

New also on Tivùsat

Finally, we report further changes also on the free digital satellite platform Tivùsat. After the arrival of the two MediaSport channels MS Channel and MS MotorTV (at numbers 54 and 55), a few days ago also Horse TV arrived at LCN 444. Horse TV is a channel completely dedicated to the world of horse riding.

At LCN 289 of Tivùsat, instead, Fashion TV 4K has been launched, that is the Ultra HD version of the Fashion TV channel. This channel was the first, in Italy, to regularly broadcast all its programming in 4K resolution, back in September 2017.