On Instagram it will be possible to choose who can tag us

Do you want to better manage your tags in Instagram photos? A new feature dedicated to these tags is coming. Find out what it consists of

One of the most important features of Facebook is the ability to tag people who appear in photos. Unfortunately, these tags are often a source of discomfort because the person in question did not come out well in the image or simply does not like the recognition.

Even Instagram allows users to tag images, but until recently it was not possible to control the tags in detail. Now the app has some changes in mind to be integrated into the Settings, among them is precisely the ability to choose who can and cannot insert the famous tags within images. Until now it was possible to manage your tags by deciding to block them before approval. With the new feature, it will be possible to improve their control. With this maneuver, the issue of tags proves to be once again at the center of the interests not only of users but also of the companies that develop the apps.

Instagram: features of the new function for tags

According to some rumors leaked in recent days, the famous social-photographic platform would be working to insert some new functions within the Settings. One of the most interesting is related to privacy. Specifically, the feature would give users the ability to choose who can tag them and who cannot. This is a hidden feature, revealed on Twitter by leaker Alessandro Paluzzi (@alex193a).

Soon Instagram will allow users to choose between 3 options: don't allow anyone to tag, allow only followers or allow everyone. In a nutshell, this is an enrichment of the TAG section. It will be available for both Android and iOS devices. However, the management of these tags is not new to the platform: there has been a solution to control them for some time.

How to manage TAGs on Instagram

The TAG control feature was born in 2018 to improve the privacy of the platform. You can turn on the tag approval request and view all queued images and in case hide them so they don't appear on your personal profile.

To activate the feature you need to go to Instagram's Settings, by logging into your profile and tapping on the three horizontal lines. Inside the Privacy section there is also the TAG item: just tap on it to access the management interface.

Under the heading Tag controls you can check the item "Approve tags manually" so as to prevent tagged photos from automatically appearing on your private profile. On the same page, you can also view the pending tags as well as all the photos already placed in the tagged posts section. Here you can also delete tags from images already in the account. In fact, tapping on "Edit" will appear little circles on each tagged photo: tapping on them you can choose to hide the tag or remove it completely from the profile.