On LinkedIn we will be able to find a job thanks to a video

LinkedIn launches a new feature to find a job more easily: a video presentation to share with your contacts and recruiters of companies

LinkedIn adds a new possibility for job seekers. In addition to the presentation of your curriculum vitae, with indications of the jobs and tasks performed during your working career, the social network dedicated to the world of business wanted to introduce a new element: the video presentation.

According to a study conducted by the platform during the last month in the United States, among personnel recruiters and users looking for employment, the choice to use short introductory videos could be the new key to better present your personality. As many as 79% of recruiting managers agreed with this new methodology and, for 60%, the format could replace the outdated cover letter in the near future. This is therefore an aspect with great potential, the one introduced by LinkedIn, and now the ball passes to the users.

Linkedin videos, how they work

The addition of presentation videos actually introduces a new mode of interaction between those who are looking for a new job, or want to present their services, and recruiters, less cold and detached than the old emails attached to your CV. Waiting for the official launch of the feature, the platform has already explained how recruiters will be able to notice the users who will have inserted the video on their profile, highlighting them compared to all other subscribers.

These users, in fact, will show around their profile picture an orange circle, just to indicate the presence of the video. Once clicked (or tapped) on the photo, the platform will start the clip, recorded in portrait format (i.e. the one automatically generated when you shoot with your smartphone in an upright position), thus allowing the display of the content.

LinkedIn videos, why they're important

In the official blog, LinkedIn explains the reasons why job seekers should add this new information to their profile: "For job seekers, a presentation video is a great way to introduce yourself to hiring managers by sharing career goals, providing a glimpse into your personality and showcasing communication skills. [... ] If you're a freelancer, you can attract new clients by using a Cover Story to talk about your services."

LinkedIn video, when will the feature arrive

According to what LinkedIn has confirmed, the feature should arrive as early as this week and will be available to all members. For LinkedIn, however, this is not the only feature that aims to improve the appearance of the user profile: in the coming months would be ready to land new integrations on the subject. The only thing left to do is to stay tuned and find out what the platform has in store.