On my block: when the fourth season comes out

Just a few more days and the wait for the new adventures of the four boys of Freeridge will come to an end: Monse, Ruby, Jamal and Cesar are back

The TV series dedicated to the world of adolescents with their problems of transition to adulthood, including approach to sex and relational problems between family, love and friendship are many. The winning element and distinction of On My Block is the multi-ethnicity of its protagonists and tell the difficult adolescence of those who are "less white" than the average.

On My Block one of the most successful teen dramedy back on Netflix for the fourth and final season of the series. A few hours ago the platform has put online the trailer of the new adventures of the boys of Los Angeles and is approaching the release date of the ten new episodes. There are related tales of the teenage world that you might find interesting from Sex Education through Atypical, but the boys of On my block are different. The adventures in the tough neighborhood of Freeridge in Los Angeles and the transition to adulthood between beatings and shootings makes the foursome a winner.

Where to start

The starting point of season four involves a two-year time jump from the last episode of season three. Cesar, Monse, Ruby and Jamal played again by Diego Tinoco, Sierra Capri, Jason Genao and Brett Gray will soon realize that their union is the greatest advantage they have and that if they want to survive they will have to, together, face their past. They can't escape it.

The fourth season's "time jump" is no surprise to fans of the series, however. In fact, Monse was in boarding school, Rubi and Jasmine, played by Jessica Marie Garcia were together and Jamal was part of the football team while Cesar is the new leader of the Santos.


In the fourth season a little bit all the protagonists seem to be thrown into their "new" lives, very different from high school. The group of friends for the first time in three seasons seems very distant from each other. In the trailer Monse and Cesar reflect on what will be their future and that of their high school friends.

The new season seems to be heading towards an unexpected, dark ending. There will be several jumps back in time just to explain how the protagonists arrived at today. There will be a moment in which the story of Cesar's rise to a life that he once rejected with all his might will be told.

We just have to wait for the new ten episodes to go online from Monday, October 4, by Netflix and in the meantime review the previous ones.