On My Block: who are the protagonists of the spin-off

The spin-off of On My Block on Netflix is coming: what is it about and who are the protagonists of the TV series Freeridge in the Los Angeles neighborhood of the same name

The adventures of the group of friends of the Netflix TV series On My Block ended with the fourth season, but fans will soon be able to make up for it. Following the conclusion of the teen drama, the streaming platform confirmed the arrival of the long-awaited spin-off and introduced the new main characters: Freeridge.

The spin-off's writing was handled by On My Block screenwriter Jamie Uyeshiro, who worked alongside co-creators Eddie Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft. Lauren Iungerich and Jamie Dooner are the producers. Once again the setting is Freeridge: a fictitious neighborhood in Los Angeles where the four friends of On My Block have faced challenges and adventures for four seasons trying to stay together. In the spinoff, a new group of friends will face a deadly curse this time, kicking off an unforgettable adventure for a more feminine series.

Freeridge: new cast

Freeridge promises to showcase a "fictional" side of the eponymous Los Angeles neighborhood and bring another teen drama to life. After getting hooked on the adventures of Monse, Ruby, Jamal and Cesar, the cast gets a complete makeover in the spin-off.

As you can see from the picture posted by Netflix, the protagonists are actors Bryana Salaz (Team Kaylie), Keyla Monterroso Mejia (Curb Your Enthusiasm), Ciara Riley Wilson (LA's Finest) and Shiv Pai (Iron Fist). All of them appeared briefly in the season finale of the mother series.

The series leaves room for possible cameos of the protagonists of On My Block: Monse Finnie (Sierra Capri), Cesar Diaz (Diego Tinoco), Jasmine Flores (Jessica Marie Garcia), and Jamal Turner (Brett Gray).

Freeridge: the comments of the writers

At the moment there are very few rumors about the plot of the spin-off of On My Block. What is certain is that it will still take place in the Freeridge neighborhood, but with different protagonists and a different point of view, more feminine and fictional.

Freeridge after all comes from the writers and creators of the parent series, with Uyeshiro, Gonzalez and Haft who said in a statement: "Some of the best comments we've heard about On My Block came from fans who told us that they saw themselves and felt represented. As we embark on Freeridge, a more female-driven series, we'll continue to invest in authentic characters that represent our passionate audience... Oh, and there might be gnomes."

So all that's left to do is wait for Freeridge to arrive on the Netflix streaming platform to discover the new adventures.