On Netflix comes the live action series on Pokemon: what we know

Joe Henderson, showrunner of the series Lucifer, is coordinating a team of writers to give life to a live action on the famous Pokémon.

The streaming platform Netflix has begun to develop a new idea: a live action series starring Pokémon. Responsible for this new project is Joe Henderson, the showrunner of the series Lucifer, which is coordinating a writers room in these hours to give life to the new product of the beloved Pokémon along with actors in the flesh.

The Pokémon born in 1996 as a series of video games created by Game Freak that have literally depopulated the world. The main characters are fictional creatures. The Nintendo has published all the video game series of these cute little animals counting, until 2017, more than 300 million copies sold. Peculiarity of this video game is the grouping into generations each with its own characteristics and settings. The Pokémon product has transformed over time: cartoon, film, playing cards and even an App for smartphones. Now in the plans of Netflix is to make it a live action series.

Live action Pokemon

The project of Netflix is to generate a real live action series of Pokémon: to make the little creatures interact with real actors. Similar to what we saw in the 2019 Detective Pikachu movie. Incidentally, the film, available on Prime Video, will not have a sequel despite grossing $430 million worldwide.

Some time ago, the lead character, Justice Smith, had just let it be known that fans would be wise to completely give up hope of seeing a second film. Netflix is home to most of the animated series dedicated to Pokémon; so it looks like the mother of this live action will be the big N.

What we know about the series 

The project is still in the works, but Netflix is keen to sign off on this production soon. Joe Henderson, showrunner of Lucifer, already some time ago with this series was able to do extraordinary: canceled by Fox resumed it in hand and just in these weeks we are waiting for the release of the sixth season. The site Variety has revealed the news, but everything is still very embryonic, to the point that there is still no title or other details.

The questions are many and many are beginning to wonder if the series will be set in the world of Detective Pikachu or will have a format more similar to that of cartoons. We await updates in the coming weeks.

What we do know is that Netflix is not new to similar projects, in addition to Pokemon, we remember the very successful adaptation had with The Witcher, but also two other major projects in progress such as Assassin's Creed and Resident Evil.