On Netflix video games arrive: the first is Stranger Things

Between saying and doing there is just a month: video games on Netflix have already arrived, although they are very different from what everyone expected

After just over a month from the first rumors that wanted Netflix busy creating a section of video games to complement its endless catalog of movies and TV series, entrusted to a former executive of Electronic Arts and Facebook (Mike Verdu), now video games on Netflix have already arrived really. But they are very different from what everyone initially thought.

The first two video games available on Netflix are Stranger Things: 1984 and Stranger Things 3, both spin offs of the well-known TV series of great success among teenagers. But it's useless to open the Netflix app on your Smart TV, because you won't find them: they were launched in experimental form only in Poland. But the news, which is of interest to everyone and not just Poles, is that yes, it's true: video games have arrived on Netflix and they are most likely here to stay. Given the fierce competition from Amazon Prime Video and Disney+, on the other hand, Netflix is no longer satisfied with a great catalog to remain the leader of the streaming market: it has to offer something more than the others. Here's how it plans to do it.

Videogames on Netflix: how it works

Both Stranger Things video games on Netflix are free and accessible directly from the platform's app, where they've been offered for a few hours among the featured content suggested to the user. In reality, however, these are two titles already developed for Android and already published on the Play Store: from the Netflix app, in fact, you are redirected to the Play Store to install the two video games.

Where is the novelty, then? In fact, many people are wondering and Netflix knows it, so it already puts its hands forward and warns that this is a very first test: "We are still in the early days and we have a lot of work to do in the coming months, but this is the first step."

Video games on Netflix: the future

The most likely thing, at the moment, is that Netflix is testing the real interest of its users in video games. To do so, it has preferred not to create a new section from scratch, but to limit itself to a link to Google's platform.

Very interesting, and intelligent, the fact that Netflix has chosen two titles related to Stranger Things, a series dedicated to teenagers, who will also be the target of a possible future videogames section more structured within the app.

Also interesting, finally, is the fact that this first test concerns videogames for Android, which confirms once again the teenage target to which Netflix aims.