On which TVs you can watch DAZN

DAZN is ready to broadcast the Seria A TIM 2021-2022 and other major world sporting events: here are the TVs on which to watch all the streaming appointments

It is certainly convenient to follow streaming broadcasts and events from your cell phone or from the larger display of a tablet or PC. But let's face it: TV is always TV, especially if it's associated with a comfortable sofa and the group of friends, maybe with the company of beer and chips.

So, following the streaming of DAZN for example from smartphone or tablet through the app is a possibility at times essential when you are busy away from home and consequently from TV and sofa, but anyone, having the choice, would always prefer the absolute comfort of a last generation TV to see MotoGP, boxing, cycling, basketball, soccer, and all other sports broadcast by DAZN, a platform that in recent years has been increasingly enriched up to acquiring the rights for the TV broadcast of the entire Serie A TIM 2021-2022 and subsequent seasons until the 2023-2024 championship.

DAZN between compatible TVs, dongles and game consoles

The offer of DAZN has become increasingly rich, so the number of subscribers to the platform and those who ask themselves on which TVs it is possible to watch DAZN has grown at the same rate.

The answer is simple: practically all, if you consider the possibility of connecting a small smart device to the TV such as an Amazon Fire TV Stick or a Google Chromecast to make it compatible with different apps including DAZN. And not to mention that among the reasons for DAZN's success in recent years is certainly the cross-platform structure.

If you don't own a smart TV or a streaming device such as a Fire TV Stick, it is unlikely that you don't have one of the following devices compatible with DAZN or its app: Windows PC, Linux and Mac (via browser), set top boxes of almost any brand (including TV, TIM Box, Vodafone TV), Xbox One, One S, One X, Xbox Series X and Series S game consoles, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

DAZN therefore offers many advantages, especially to lovers of soccer and other sports. If until a few years ago the viewing of content was "locked" to a few devices - smartphones, tablets and PCs, in addition to the often unique TV to which the decoder was connected - now instead the transfer of many events on the internet thanks to the magic of streaming has brought and will bring many benefits, including, precisely, the extreme flexibility of vision.

DAZN, tutte le tv compatibili

È quasi impossibile non avere una smart TV compatibile con DAZN perché i modelli che supportano la piattaforma sono davvero parecchi, e ciò aiuta anche se si dovesse o volesse acquistare una nuova smart TV per godersi la programmazione sportiva di DAZN.

Oltre ai già menzionati Amazon Fire TV Stick, Apple TV, TIM Box e Google Chromecast, DAZN supporta i televisori con Android TV e pure i principali modelli delle seguenti marche:

  • LG con sistema operativo Web OS;
  • Panasonic smart TV;
  • Samsung con sistema operativo Tizen TV;
  • Sony con sistema operativo Android TV;
  • HiSense smart TV.

Non rimane che scaricare e installare l’app di DAZN sulla propria TV e iniziare a guardare tutti i contenuti disponibili.