OnePlus 6, official features and price on Amazon Germany

By mistake on Amazon Germany appeared for a few hours the page about the new top-of-the-line Chinese smartphone, here are the features and price of the device

OnePlus 6 is ready for the big official launch. The new top-of-the-line smartphone from the Chinese company will in fact be presented on May 16, 2018. Meanwhile, on Amazon Germany have already appeared characteristics and European price of the device.

By a system error, the famous ecommerce portal in recent hours has published the page relating to the new OnePlus 6. The purchase of the device was still blocked, but users were able to preview the Oneplus 6 data sheet and also its price. Amazon Germany after a few minutes realized the mistake and hid the page, but by then the damage was done. Screenshots of the new Chinese smartphone started circulating on forums and various social media, making the hype around the low-cost top-of-the-line smartphone grow exponentially. Among the various information leaked the two colors:  Mirror Black and Midnight Black. But here's in detail everything we found out about OnePlus 6.

Technical features OnePlus 6

The OnePlus 6 body will change depending on the coloration. The Mirror Black version will have glossy and glass back while in the Midnight Black version it will be matte and probably metal. Among the various rumors has emerged that there could also be a Limited Edition in white coloration with ceramic body. As for another important aspect of design should be noted that the new OnePlus 6 will have the notch, or the notch for the front camera became famous thanks to iPhone X.

Aboard the OnePlus 6 will find the high-performance chipset from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 845.  A support 8GB of RAM with 128GB of internal memory or 6GB of RAM with 64GB of storage, depending on the version that we decide to buy. It has not been confirmed for the moment then the model with 256GB internal memory.  the screen of the OnePlus 6 will be OLED and will have a diagonal of 6.28 inches with an aspect ratio of 19:9 and FullHD+ resolution. The battery will instead be 3,300mAh equipped with Dash Charge for charging fast. On OnePlus 6 will lack the headphone jack from 3.5 but in compensation we will find the sensor for face recognition.

Photographic compartment OnePlus 6

The photo department will be one of the strengths of the OnePlus 6. A major step forward in this aspect for the Chinese company. In the past, OnePlus has been repeatedly criticized for a photo department that isn't up to par with other top of the line phones. OnePlus 6 will be up to the best cameraphone on the market. The rear camera should consist of two sensors, the main 16-megapixel and secondary 20-megapixel. The front camera, on the other hand, will be 16 Megapixels.

OnePlus 6, availability and price in Italy

The new top-of-the-line smartphone from the Chinese company OnePlus will be presented on May 16, 2018 and sales in our country will start from May 22. As for the price, the model with 6GB of RAM will cost 519 euros while the version with 8GB of RAM will cost 569 euros, according to the information reported on the site of Amazon Germany.