OnePlus Buds Pro, premium earbuds cost less than expected

The OnePlus Buds Pro are official: the earbuds with active noise cancellation have high-end attitudes and a lower price than expected.

After a long wait and an equally full-bodied series of rumors, in the day yesterday OnePlus has made official the second generation of its mid-range, OnePlus Nord 2, along with the OnePlus Buds Pro, the high-end true wireless headphones that we expected, according to rumors of the eve, could have a higher price.

Instead, the presentation of the OnePlus Buds Pro has revealed good news about the price, and it is not often that positive news about the cost of a technological product, moreover of high-end. So the official announcement by OnePlus has allowed to breathe a sigh of relief to those who were planning to evaluate the premium headphones of the Chinese company. That just as we expected adopt an in-ear design, capable of adapting to the different conformations of the ear canal of each thanks to silicone grommets of different sizes. For the rest, the designers of OnePlus Buds Pro have been inspired by the design of the AirPods Pro which, like much of Apple's products, have ended up becoming iconic.

OnePlus Buds Pro, technical specifications

OnePlus' new high-end earbuds possess dynamic 11-millimeter drivers and adopt Dolby Atmos technology, which is not the only one dedicated to improving listening quality: OnePlus Audio ID also stands out, a sound profile capable, according to the company, of adapting to the tastes and sensibilities of the wearer.

During the presentation, OnePlus was keen to highlight the presence of a low-latency mode that aims to break down the qualms of those who habitually engage in gaming. With games from the most frenetic rhythms in fact you can not afford delays between the time when the action takes place and the input that results, in this case the sound: OnePlus Buds Pro thanks to the mode dedicated to gaming manage to contain the latency, then the "delay", to 94 milliseconds, also favored by the presence of Bluetooth 5.2.

Important is the presence of IP55 certification that protects the headset from dust and especially splashes of water, so as to allow those who buy a pair of OnePlus Buds Pro to wear them even for physical activity, during which they may have to withstand a sudden rain or trivial drops of sweat. Judging by the certification, OnePlus' TWS earbuds may be the ideal accessory for listening to music on the couch, playing games with your smartphone or even exercising outdoors.

As for battery life, the company has declared for OnePlus Buds Pro a maximum endurance of 38 hours with active noise cancellation off, 28 hours with ANC on, while the earbuds alone can be used for 7 hours with ANC off, 5 with ANC on and 3 hours on call. However, thanks to Warp Charge fast charging, in 10 minutes you get 10 hours of battery life, and there is support for wireless charging according to the Qi standard.

OnePlus Buds Pro, price and availability

The OnePlus Buds Pro will be available from September 1 at 149 euros, while the pre-order phase will start, even in Italy, on August 18.