OnePlus, coming “Pro” headsets

OnePlus leaves everyone stunned by announcing that in addition to Nord 2 will come soon a new pair of TWS earphones: OnePlus Buds Pro.

Coming soon, indeed very soon, a new family for true wireless earphones branded OnePlus. They will be called OnePlus Buds Pro and will arrive on July 22 along with OnePlus Nord 2, it's official. The Pro designation, until now, had remained out of the picture and it's hard to predict what we can expect.

Basically, from OnePlus Buds Pro we expect a different product from those launched so far, different from the OnePlus Buds of a year ago and the cheaper Buds Z of last December. Hardly an update for the Buds - otherwise they would have been called Buds 2 - unless OnePlus, for some reason, wants to rename one of the two existing ranges. Probable, then, is that this will be a new model starting with the conformation of the headphones and perhaps with more advanced features than those found on the current OnePlus Buds, which at this point the company could update in November or directly in 2022.

The OnePlus Buds Pro official surprise on the forum

The officiality of the name and presentation for and of the new TWS earphones came from the same company of Shenzhen, which as usual has published on its forum the search for participants for The Lab, the program that gives a preview test of the new OnePlus releases so that selected fans use them to make a review.

The new releases, in this case, are the OnePlus Nord 2 and, indeed, the OnePlus Buds Pro headphones. "Are you quivering in anticipation of the OnePlus Nord 2 launch, which is imminent? Bet you didn't know that the next generation of the Nord family would be accompanied by the Buds Pro! Want to try them both? You might be waiting less than expected. The Lab is back and like last time it will have a product that is not a smartphone (it was the OnePlus U1S smart TV, ed). This time there are two products on the line: OnePlus Nord 2 and OnePlus Buds Pro."

Unfortunately though, this is all we officially know about the new OnePlus-branded TWS earbuds. Even unofficially, however, it is not that we know much more, because the company has been very good at keeping the project OnePlus Buds Pro away from prying eyes.

Hypothesis on OnePlus Buds Pro

So the rumors have remained dry and we can only speculate on how the Buds Pro can tempt fans, perhaps even those who already own a product line Buds. OnePlus is usually very attentive to competitors' moves, so it's not out of the question that the Buds Pro may have been inspired by some of the peculiarities of Apple's AirPods Pro.

For example, the in-ear conformation, more uncomfortable for some and more comfortable for others, but certainly a winner in terms of isolation from the context, especially if associated with an active noise cancellation (ANC) that OnePlus, like Apple, could offer on its Pro headphones along with a "transparency" mode to emphasize, if necessary, environmental noise.

In short, the information available is very little and even less the rumors, but the positive is that July 22 is close and then we will discover in one fell swoop OnePlus Nord 2 and also the mysterious OnePlus Buds Pro.