OnePlus Nord 2: design and specifications are now official

The presentation of OnePlus Nord 2 is now a few hours away, but the company continues to anticipate aspects of the next product: today it was the turn of the design.

Tra unpredictable aspects of OnePlus Nord 2 then confirmed by the same company is the fact that it will be the first product in the history of the young Chinese company with a chip from MediaTek. The first hints of this "first" had come along with the first rumors of May on the account of the mid-range OnePlus, but then it seemed a hypothesis in some ways risky.

A few weeks later, after a series of rumors that have confirmed this hypothesis, has become official at the hands of the same OnePlus the presence of MediaTek Dimensity 1200 AI, ie the best chip at this time in the range of the Chinese manufacturer moreover with a configuration revised at the side of OnePlus designers to increase the qualities in terms of artificial intelligence - hence the suffix "AI". Then, again from the Chinese company, came the anticipations on the display, an OLED not too large (6.43 inches) at 90 Hz, and finally those on the cameras a few days ago, a topic always very dear to fans and on which manufacturers have a fair margin to make a difference and take advantages over the competition.

The official design of OnePlus Nord 2

The latest release of OnePlus, this time on Instagram, concerns the design of OnePlus Nord 2, which also had been the subject of rumors. And compared to these, the elements of novelty are almost nil: the rumors had seen us along, and anticipated correctly what will be the design of the mid-range OnePlus.

From the image published by the company, OnePlus Nord 2 looks different than the model currently on sale. Not too much, mind you, also because in recent times designers have really little room left to differentiate smartphones. So of OnePlus have focused on giving character to the only element of the rear section that still allows you to distinguish one product from another.

The camera group of OnePlus Nord 2 has a different arrangement than the current smartphone. First, because the latter has four cameras while on Nord 2 there will be three, then because the arrangement of the sensors has varied. On the product that will be released in days there are two sensors in plain sight, in all likelihood the main and the ultra wide-angle, and a third one with a much smaller diameter (probably a monochrome) next to the LED flash.

Clean lines and coloring whimsical

For the rest of the image of OnePlus is clear that has not been touched the slight curvature of the rear surface on the two long sides, a solution that should facilitate the grip of a smartphone that still should remain rather bulky.

And it is also clear that the clean lines will continue to characterize the OnePlus Nord 2, with a rear surface on which in addition to the camera group stands the discreet OnePlus logo and coloration: it is likely that the company has shown the most original, however, quite similar to the Blue Marble of the current product. Appointment in a few days, on Thursday, July 22, for the official OnePlus Nord 2.