OnePlus Nord 2 focuses on AI with a custom chip

OnePlus chooses MediaTek to power Nord 2, but not the standard version of the Dimensity 1200 chip as much as a custom version for AI

The collaboration between OnePlus and MediaTek continues, and it will bear fruit on board OnePlus Nord 2 as well. What has been chosen is the MediaTek Dimensity 1200, the best chip in the range of the Chinese manufacturer, which, however, is only the basis of the processor that will find its place inside OnePlus Nord 2.

On the next OnePlus mid-range smartphone there will in fact be the MediaTek Dimensity 1200-AI, a version of the Dimensity 1200 "standard" revised together with OnePlus as part of the program Dimensity Open Resource Architecture of MediaTek, which allows customers to customize certain aspects of the chip. On OnePlus Nord 2 there will therefore be the variant Dimensity 1200-AI, which as the name suggests is focused on artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence) of which OnePlus has already made it known that it intends to make extensive use on the multimedia front, then to improve photos and videos but also for display management.

The performance of MediaTek Dimensity 1200-AI

OnePlus Nord 2 has already been spotted on the AI Benchmark portal where it showed some of its capabilities, even compared to the "standard" MediaTek Dimensity 1200. The smartphone pecked on the platform, in configuration with 8 GB of RAM and Android 11 on board, has obtained an AI score of over 170 thousand points, when Realme GT Neo, one of the main competitors that OnePlus Nord 2 will face once on the market, has obtained with the same chip but in "classic" version about 155 thousand points.

The step forward is therefore significant, but despite the fact that MediaTek Dimensity 1200-AI is a version optimized to give the maximum in terms of artificial intelligence of the best chip in the MediaTek range, there is still a clear gap with Qualcomm's best proposal. The Snapdragon 888 of the American leader in the same platform and in the same test has scored 203 thousand points, roughly the same as those recorded by the Exynos 2100 of Samsung, while looking at the Kirin 9000 of Huawei that closed the same test with 215 thousand points the gap is even more significant.

Artificial intelligence on OnePlus North 2

OnePlus would however already have in mind several areas in which to put to use the capabilities of the MediaTek Dimensity 1200-AI. The same Chinese company has anticipated in the announcement of the use of the Chinese chip that, for example, thanks to AI Photo Enhancement OnePlus Nord 2 will be able to recognize up to twenty-two different scenarios and automatically adjust the colors and contrast in photos taken in low light conditions.

Same principle for the twin function but designed for videos AI Video Enhancement, which while framing the scene will be able to show the final effect thanks to the use of HDR, while with the help of DOL-HDR technology the smartphone can improve the color accuracy and management of highlights in videos. On the other hand, when it comes to the display, the OnePlus Nord 2 will have AI Color Boost technology that automatically converts standard content to HDR and AI Resolution Boost technology that can boost the resolution of videos.