OnePlus Nord 2 will have a top-of-the-line camera

The leaks about OnePlus Nord 2, now very close to launch, continue. On Twitter there was talk of the amazing cameras and software support

Where OnePlus doesn't come, rumors arrive. The company led by Pete Lau in recent hours has made official details on the screen of OnePlus Nord 2, while now the so-called well-informed - after anticipating the propensity of the chip's artificial intelligence - deal with the cameras that will be placed on the next mid-range OnePlus.

So by voice - or rather, by tweet - of Ishan Agarwal emerges that OnePlus Nord 2 will have a rear configuration with three cameras. The Chinese mid-range, which will be presented next July 22, will not be able to avoid offering a set of quality cameras as well as multipurpose in terms of "extraction" of the sensors: in addition to the main should be no doubt the presence of an ultra-wide sensor for wide-field shots, and the hope of many is to see a telephoto lens in the role of the third sensor.

The amazing camera of OnePlus Nord 2

Waiting to understand what type of sensor has fallen on the choice of OnePlus for the third camera, Ishan Agarwal with a tweet has made it clear that he has pretty clear ideas about the main sensor of OnePlus Nord 2.

According to the leaker there would be one of the highest end: it would be the Sony IMX766, in other words the same sensor that is used on OnePlus 9 Pro and Oppo Find X3 Pro, so a lens that has little to prove in terms of quality, especially in light of the performance that has shown to be able to achieve on the top of the range of Oppo.

The Sony IMX766 on the OnePlus Nord 2 will moreover be a sensor with optical image stabilization, which will come in handy especially in low light or while recording a moving video clip.

It's still true to the principle that the sensor doesn't make the picture, in the sense that even the best camera must have a software of equal level to produce high quality content, but if the rumor is well-founded the OnePlus Nord 2's starting base would certainly be remarkable, especially for the mid-range price that is expected.

Three years of security patches, it's official

Twitter is always the stage for another announcement about the OnePlus Nord 2, this time regarding the user interface and above all published by OnePlus, precisely by the Indian division.

The image attached to the tweet is in the wake of the one seen in recent days about the screen, only in this case is accompanied by fewer details. No big deal, because we learn so by official means and in advance of the launch that OnePlus Nord 2 will have a convincing treatment from the point of view of software support: the company has guaranteed two major updates of Android (so up to Android 13) and three years of security updates, the patches to be clear.