OnePlus Nord SE: it’s almost a top of the range, but it’s cheap ?

OnePlus bets again on a smartphone with top of the range features at a low price: as it will be OnePlus Nord SE

It will arrive in all likelihood in the first quarter of 2021 but it's already making talk about itself: it's OnePlus Nord SE and it's the new low cost model with top of the range performance, or almost. According to the first anticipations of the manufacturer, the chances of being able to touch it with your hands are very good: in fact, the smartphone of the Nord SE series will be available in Europe and India.

OnePlus Nord SE, codenamed Ebba, will therefore be the fourth model to join the Nord SE. The series already has the OnePlus Nord, the first to hit the market last July and equipped with the Snapdragon 765G chip, along with the Nord N10 5G and Nord N10, both of which are set to debut next month and feature a lower price tag. Along the lines of the last two models, OnePlus has chosen to continue on the low budget choice for the incoming model, although it can count on some features and accessories of all respect, so much so that it can almost overshadow some of the smartphones belonging to the upper range.

OnePlus Nord SE, the technical characteristics

First fact is that OnePlus Nord SE will arrive accompanied by the Warp Charge 65W charger, definitely a point in its favor. The accessory, which arrived on the market through the combined debut with OnePlus 8T, will allow you to fully charge a fully discharged 4500mAh battery in less than 40 minutes

While talking about SoC, however, this model will also mount Qualcomm, specifically a Snapdragon 765G processor just like the progenitor of the series, Nord. The story changes radically, however, with regard to the display. In fact, it switches from the LCD panels used for its colleagues Nord N15 5G and N100 to an AMOLED screen, for a completely different and improved viewing experience.

OnePlus Nord SE, when will it hit the market

Although we are already talking about the first four months of next year, OnePlus has not yet confirmed the exact date of the Nord SE launch in 2021. According to The Verge, the official presentation could end up in the calendar immediately after the one dedicated to OnePlus 9, scheduled for March. This, would then go to follow the strategy used for the two previous models North N15 5G and N100, arrived before the eyes of the general public only 12 days after the older brother OnePlus 8T.